Monday 16 August 2010

10 Lo Siento....!

I called The Bro yesterday. I was hoping to make him jealous by telling him that I was calling while sunning myself on the beach. Not only did I not get the desired envious response, but I also got an unexpected lecture.

A lecture about the fact I haven't blogged for a while. He said that at the very least I should have put up a post explaining my absence. He'd even tried to log into my account to put one up himself.

I thought that was quite nice of him until he added that he would have said he was happy to answer any questions that anyone had about me. I dread to think where that could have gone!

In my defence, I didn't put up a post saying that I would be out of action for a while like some other bloggers have done, because I really didn't know I would be. I had every intention of keeping you up to date with my adventures over this summer but I just haven't had the time.

The Bro is (whisper it) right though and I should have at least let you know as soon as I did realise that blogging was going to have to be abandoned. I'm hoping that you will forgive me though and we can start afresh? How about I promise to fill you in later this week on what has been going on since I last posted...I'll tell you about the dates I've been on, my new love guru and about all the countries I've been to recently.

Just as soon as I get back from Tenerife where I currently am. You see I haven't even been in my Tower recently so writing Tales From would have been false advertising anyway!

Besos! xx