Thursday, 11 February 2010

79 Blog Off

Starring: Rapunzel and Fishy
Casting: Bamberio
Certificate: PG (some obscene language, some talk about nipples, but no actual sex scenes)

Hollywood has been rocked by the release of Blog Off. It is the film everyone is talking about. Never before has there been a movie like this.

Termed as a romantic comedy, it's actually so much more. It breaks all the rules by mixing lots of genres. Part comedy, part thriller, part adventure movie, part buddy film, part horror and part musical.

Think of Indiana Jones mixed with Mrs Doubtfire. When Harry Met Sally crossed with Airplane.

Ironically, the only genre really missing is the 'rom' to go with the 'com'.

Newcomers Fishy and Rapunzel are well cast as a couple thrown together in dramatic circumstances. Fishy is the likeable lad looking for love in Liverpool, while Rapunzel is the girl living in the Tower and waiting for her hair to grow. (Special mention must go to Rapunzel for her accurate attempt at a Scottish accent.)

From the outset, the viewers doubt this relationship will work out, but as we follow them on their journey, sharing the first phone call, the first date and witness Fishy becoming a man by losing his Skype virginity, we can't help but root for them.

We empathise when a spillage makes Rapunzel look like she has nipple leakage. We cringe when Fishy starts serenading her with Lionel songs. We feel the tension as they both log on to see what the other has written in their respective blogs. We share Fishy's almost palpable joy when he discovers that Rapunzel also loves The Office. We delight in the fact that they wear nearly matching outfits on their first date and we are reminded of Britney and Justin wearing denim. We pray that Fishy and Rapunzel are the new them (prior to the break-up and break-down).

All too soon the cracks start to appear and there is a particularly dramatic scene where they argue about Rapunzel liking tuna and Fishy not. Emotions run high. Theirs and ours.

My only criticism of the film would be that it ends too quickly leaving you feeling slightly short-changed. Don't worry though, this is a pairing that is already being mentioned in the same breath as both Cagney and Lacey and Turner and Hooch so expect to see more of this twosome.

There are already mutterings of a script being written for Blog Off Part 2 where we see our protagonists as friends working together to help each other find love. It will allegedly be set in a minefield. Sounds like one sequel that will be worth watching.

Regardless, Blog Off is going to be this year's Oscar success after being nominated in almost every category.

Expect to see it take the statuettes for Best Actress and Actor as well as Best Supporting Role for Rapunzel's bra. It also looks likely to scoop the prizes in Best Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Language Film. It will fall down in the music categories as Fishy's rendition of songs by Dire Straits just don't cut it, though Rapunzel may win in Sound Editing for pressing the mute button.

Verdict: An unmissable triumph.


Bamberio said...

Ha ha brilliant! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Your posts just keep on getting better and better Rapunzel, although I am gutted that my matchmaking efforts with you and Fishy have failed.

Next time Gadget...

Lego said...

It sure was a great show... I will miss it..!!!
...but then again I am looking forward to some new scenery and interesting characters ..can't wait!!

Kitty Moore said...

I feel a great sadness rising from deep within my soul - I shall miss Blog Off...

Kitty x

Keren David said...

Oh, can't it be a sit com instead of a one-off feature? Thank you for some great posts anyway, you were brilliant together blog-wise.

Dater at Large said...

An amicable parting... surely the best result possible, outside of the ridiculously fun to read blog posts along the way.

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

I am annoyed that your break-up piece was funnier and better written than mine. Such jealousy is another reason why I could never date another blogger.

You Make My Date said...

Lol @ Fishy's comment.

I loved your take on it Rapunzel - great way to mix up the writing style! I'm pretty gutted about how the film ended though, but I look forward to the sequel!

Themoodymann said...

I can't believe you two jacked it after 1 (and a half?) dates !! Ok maybe you weren't destined to be together but the first one didn't go tooo badly !!

Well thanks for the laughs, the pleasure has been all mine ! xx

Anonymous said...

Love it! Very funny as ever.. :0


So now your single again is it too late for this washed up extra to burst in on the scene look up at the tower and yell 'Rapunzel, let down your hair!' ??

I've always fancied a date with a girl that has a sense of humour, wasn't aware any exsisted though!

Once_bitten said...

Aww rubbish, I didn't want to be anonymous!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This was fabulously written and very humorous.

I'm sad that things didn't progress differently, but it would've been excruciating having 600+ people involved in your relationship every step of the way. Besides, judging from the photo of Fishy skyping -- you dodged a big, fat bullet!

xo Robyn

Dating Diva said...

I was really hoping it would work out for the two of you! But maybe it will be the one where you try to find love for each other only to realize month down the line that you are really meant for each other. Awww...

...Gabby? said...

Clever girl!

Ca88andra said...

Very funny, very clever!

upsidedowngirl said...


Lottie said...

Another Fab post...

Shame it didn't work out with you 2 I loved the two different sides

Lottie x

Rapunzel said...

Just the end of that particular episode but not the series so fear not.

Thank you all for reading and supporting me. I couldn't have done it without you - it was quite nerve-wracking at times!

Anyone else you can suggest Bamberio?!

And Once Bitten - I liked that your first comment was anonymous, it felt a bit like getting a Valentine card!!

Love Rapunzel x

ziazitella said...

So well written. Just my style, loved it.

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Ashley Arthur said...

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