Thursday 14 March 2013

138 Depression and Orgasms

Having depression is like having an orgasm.

You don’t believe me? Think back to your last orgasm. Put yourself there. Relive it. Think about who you were with (or not as the case may be. No judgers here. ) Think about where you were. Remember how your breathing got heavier....and quicker...oh...oh yes...right there....your heart started beating faster...your body was were panting...your head started spinning...oh yes...your muscles quivered...the pulsating...the wanted it to wanted to prolong the didn’t know what you couldn’t focus...oh God...oh were on the edge of what you knew would be the most intense feeling ever...

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Monday 11 March 2013

47 Bitten by the Dog

Hi you lot,                                                

Hope you are all well. Just wanted to say that I've gone and got myself a new blog called Bitten by the Dog.

Would love it if you would pop over and have a read and pass it on to anyone that you think it might be of use to.

Rapunzel x