Thursday, 11 March 2010

23 The Disclaimer

There are a few things afoot for this girl at the moment, which is all very good but has meant that my blog has taken a back-seat. I haven't abandoned it, nor is it the case that I've just nothing to talk about. Quite the contrary actually. It is just down to time constraints and I hope that normal service will be resumed by next week.

Unfortunately I couldn't wait until then to inform you that the sad day has come and that I've had to put a disclaimer on this blog. I was worried that if I left it any longer I might get sued in the meantime.

It started when a guy I know got in touch to say that he'd read one of my earlier posts, The Headmaster about a disastrous haircut I'd had. He'd taken note of my comment that you wear your hair every day and shouldn't scrimp when getting a new 'do'. He decided to forgo his usual trip to the barbers and instead splash out on a trip to a proper salon.

The problem was that as well as being £40 poorer, he also hated his new look and wondered 'what I was going to do about it.'


The next thing was that when planning a night out with a friend she insisted I confirm by text that I will not write about any of our antics.

Now I can't win with this one. Some people worry that I will blog about them, whereas others are upset when I don't!

Some even inform me how they want to be described in the posts, which is all very well, but if I did as they asked you could be mistaken for thinking that I hang around with supermodels.

Recently, I've had many people tell me that they read about my money pot riches and they too are going to do that too.

Now I'm really sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the pots are not magic. You can do all the wishing and rubbing you want, but if you've only put £6.47 in, £6.47 is what you will get out. The money does not procreate and have little money babies. The trick is to have it for years like I did and lose track of what it has got in it. (See picture above for reference purposes)

So, in conclusion this blog will now bear the footnote that everything you read here is purely the opinion of the author and you should not take any of her advice unless you are mental. It is also recommended that you do not try anything at home unless supervised by a responsible adult. And you also need not worry that I will write about anything you say or do on nights out with me. I mean I have not mentioned anything about Taggart getting us barred from a bar after she was sick on the dance floor now have I? No, I haven't because I am extremely discreet*.

*Note that this rule does not apply to any men that have treated me badly. Rest assured that you will at some point definitely feature in here. And I won't even change your name. That means you Alan, Gerry, Robert, Jamie...


Anonymous said...

I won't dare comment now ... or let you see who i am

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

You're probably too busy to read this comment but I will just say that you need to realise the power you have over us, your loyal readers. Oh, and I just got this message on Twitter:

"I'm a conspiracy theorist so may be well off, but my hunch is ur still going out with Rapunzel & the comedy writing class is a cover story!"

PS the code I have to type in to submit this comment is 'vermin'. How apt...

Rapunzel said...

You need not worry Anonymous, you have never upset me so I will never write anything derogatory. Oh unless you are a different anonymous to the anonymous I'm thinking of?!

Fishy - Shhhh! No-one need know our secret. That you are actually here nudging me to reply to you!

Rapunzel x

Lifestyle Lookbook said...

Ugh, my friends managed to stalk my blog down through Google and Twitter searches, despite the fact that I’ve changed everyone’s names and have a photo of my back on my profile! Anonymity is impossible these days!

Ca88andra said...

I had to laugh! Some people are not incredibly smart - and that is wholely my opinion and I don't encourage anyone to think that way...

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

OMG, you are rich!
And yes, I'm mental. Is this going to be a problem between us?

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Hahaha. This is why only a very few select people in my life know about my blog: so I can write about them all! Mwahaha.

I think you are secretly going out with Fish as well. Ha! *not really, just kidding.*

Please resume! How can you actually have a real life and not time for blogging?! Pshh.

TheUnwashedMass said...

You shouldn't have to put disclaimers up. Anybody who can't think for themselves only has themselves to blame, and anyone who does anything embarrassing in public should not be offended when the events are disclosed in a public forum. Do not be oppressed!

All Women Stalker said...

You know what's interesting? That Fishy is using the photo you took of him during your destination date as a Blogger avatar. Haha. You two ARE SO STILL dating :p

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