Friday 15 October 2010

11 And on the Sixth Day...

...God created Manchester.

When I was just a wee lassie at school and had the chance to do a weeks' work experience, rather than do it in the local bank or factory like others did, I opted to do a stint in a kindergarten in Munich.

Then when I was studying at university, I'd spend my three month summer breaks waitressing in the Canaries.

When I had the chance to spend the last year studying in Canada, I jumped at the chance.

And so it continued. I lived and worked in various other countries as well as going on holiday at every opportunity.

Put it this way, I was constantly going away and by away, I mean abroad, because I was never convinced that the UK was for me. I wasn't sure where I wanted to live but I just knew for sure that it wouldn't be in Blighty. We just didn't fit.

That's until I discovered Manchester.

I'd always had a bit of a soft spot for it. Particularly for shopping. A trip down here to see the English relations was never complete unless I'd spent my pocket money in Afflecks Palace.

It wasn't until I decided on a whim to give it a shot living here that I fell well and truly in love with the place.

Almost eight years later and we still haven't fallen out. We haven't even had any arguments. I still get a buzz about living here. To me it has everything. Not only that but it is so central that it is incredibly easy to get to everywhere from Manchester - including my home town in Scotland which I have a lot more respect for now that I've left - meaning that I still get to do my trips away. Unusually compared to before I also look forward to coming back.

The fact that I live on the UK's tallest residential building and two of my walls are windows that overlook this amazing city is a bonus. I love when new people come to visit the apartment and hear them squeal when they first see the views of my spiritual home.

So you can imagine how proud I felt to discover that I've been shortlisted as one of Manchester's best personal blogs. I feel like I'm one of Manchester's own. I've passed my initiation and am now in the club!

And obviously I'm over the moon about even being considered for the award in the first place. Thanks to the lovely Tuppence a fabulous girl that I got to know through her blog and now consider a friend.

OK, I do feel slightly cheeky as I haven't been the most prolific of bloggers recently but that has been down to working abroad and not having much time or access to post, rather than a case of disinterest or lack of things to write about.

Anyway am back in the Tower now where I belong and will be continuing to write about my life as a single girl in Manchester. (And actually, even though I wasn't posting I was still 'thinking in blog' and doing things purely 'for the blog' as my next post will reveal...

Thanks for sticking with me and if you get the chance to pop over to here and then vote for Tower Tales I would be forever in your debt.

Thanks - love you all!

Rapunzel x


Katherina said...

If THAT?s the view you're talking about..... I'm green of envy.
That must be the best awakening ever!

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

That's how I feel about London :) I'm never leaving again! And I want to hear about all this travelling, missy.

Ca88andra said...

Congratulations! I feel that way about Melbourne, its just the perfect city for me. Doesn't stop me from wanting to travel the world though - Manchester is now on my list of places to visit!

Anonymous said...

I'm resisting the temptation to write a blog, telling the world how I watched my Wifie fall in love with a city thats 220 miles away - or 354 km if I'm really stringing it out.
I wont write about how my heart sank when she called telling me about this wonderful tower, great life and new friends.
The realisation that she may never return north of the border for much more than the Edinburgh Festival is something I've learned to live with.
The difference with this extended trip and all the others - I knew the others were temporary. I'm not sure this one is.
So Manchester (I know your listening) I hope this love affair isnt one sided - you look after her. Shes very precious!

Love Cat said...

So nice to have you back and I'm looking forward to lots of dating updates!

Hoping my love live is exiting its soap opera phase and so I need you to pick up the mantle!

Love Cat.

Rapunzel said...

It is Katherina! And was taken on a mobile phone so doesn't even do it justice.

Lovely to have you over in our neck of the woods again Life Begins!

Thanks Ca88andra! Must admit having a soft spot for Melbourne as well and was so close to purchasing a 'I heart St Kilda' t-shirt.

Lovely to have 'found' you again Love Cat even though you now have a new guise...

Anonymous - what a lovely message! You know that you are still my fabulous friend no matter where in the world I am. Big love!x

And to everyone else...thanks loads for voting for me. Didn't quite make it but hey there's always next year and maybe I'll be back to being a prolific blogger by then?!

Rapunzel x

Glen said...

Ah Manchester - quite a mix up mash up type place - I like it too (wouldn't want to live there you understand but it is a fine place to drive past)

I'm pretty damned pleased to discover a British Blogger that I like and who doesn't spend all their time moaning. If you already know some others that you like - please let me know because I've been searching, and not found many...

I love your pride - it's catchy

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