Wednesday, 20 April 2011

42 Tales of a Real Life Romance - Chapter 17

Now where were we?

Ah yes. I'd had three dates with the lovely Hands. Date four seemed to be on the cards but there was going to have to be a delay on it as I was heading off to sunnier climes to do a filming job for a few weeks. I suggested that Hands and I meet for a quick drink before I go. He suggested that we didn't bother (or words to that effect.)

Me and thee then analysed what his rejection of my offer meant for the Rapunzel and Hands romance. Some said it didn't mean anything. Some questioned, just as my Bro had previously, whether Hands had a back-bone. Some didn't know what to think. One guy contacted me to say it was clear that I was just desperate for a boyfriend and asked why I was so scared of being alone. Another tweeted to say that my blog looked far too boring for him to waste his time reading, so sadly I'll never know his opinion. (I suppose I should just feel honoured that he took the time out of his busy schedule to let me know that though?!)

As you know, I personally didn't think it was a good sign. I'd only suggested one drink before his night out with the boys, not that he see me instead. I couldn't help but feel rejected that he'd said no. And his excuse that he'd find it hard to say goodbye to me if we met up for half an hour, wasn't holding any sway with me. I mean I like to think that I'm good company but I'm under no illusions that I'm that good!

What could I do about it though? I decided that the best plan of action would be to do absolutely nada. If he wasn't interested, he wasn't interested. I couldn't force him to be! Anyway I had a trip to get organised for.

The day of my flight I got up bright and early to do some last-minute packing. I switched on my phone.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Seems I'd received a few texts. The first one was just after midnight...

Round at Gav's. Me and the boys have been counting the floors in the Tower. Looks like the lights are out in your apartment! Sleep well x

Stalker! Was my first thought.

My second thought was about the fact that Hands may have chosen not to meet up, yet I was still clearly on his mind...

My third thought was a feeling of smugness about the second thought.

My fourth thought Wait a minute! Hands had told me where his friend Gav lives and it overlooks the complete opposite side of my Tower and therefore would be impossible to see my apartment. Even with really powerful binoculars.

The second text had been sent an hour later...

Going to miss you a bit x

The third was sent at 3am...

Good night x

Then another one ten minutes later...

By the way I love your name.

Curiouser and curiouser. What did it all mean? Four texts were a lot of texts to send to someone that you weren't fussed for. Four texts too many, you could argue. Maybe he was keener that I thought? But then they were clearly drunken messages and everyone knows that they don't count. Hmmm.

I continued getting ready and did my best to focus on what bikinis to take rather than the workings of the mind of Hands. While in the taxi on the way to the airport my phone beeped again...

Sorry about the texts. Was on the truth drug. Have a good trip, don't work too hard and make sure you plan in some serious Hands time for when you get back! x

I don't think I'll ever understand men.


jo said...

aww i think it's cute... then again i like tipsy texts haha!

Niki said...

I'm worried that I'm already certain that reading this will be the highlight of my day and it's not even ten am yet...

I agree entirely with your final sentiment. I'll never understand them either. Are you going to meet up with him again?! x

nuttycow said...


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I think he was trying to play it all cool. But you played it cooler and he regretted his coolness. The Rules would approve ;)

Jonny said...

does hands know you write this?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a budding romance starting to me! X

Glen said...

your problem is simply trying to understand us at your own level.

We are simpler than that

you do understand us

you just don't want to accept that we really are that simple

gingerbyrd said...

marti mcfly! Genius

Diary of Why said...

Oh, this is sounding all too familiar...

Betty B said...

Love a good drunken text- kind of weird on the ‘I love your name’ front though.
Well done with the cool tude - did you secretly refer back to the rules for that one?!
I will be highly disappointed if this series doesn’t have a Ross and Rachel type ending
*Tales from the Morning After*

Joe King said...


That isn't Marty McFly.

It's George McFly.

Unknown said...

I agree..... no idea what they're thinking.... it makes sense one minute....... then they do something that doesn't the next!
Maybe... just maybe.... they confuse themselves!! x

The Goddess x

Hyla said...

love it! Did you post on FB that you are back? usually i see new posts there first

Sophie said...

Ohhh it all comes out when the men have a few drinks and send the old pissed text messages, once it is out there then it cannot be taken back!

Sounds very promising and good sign : )

Happy Frog and I said...

Glad to hear that you are OK and that everything is back on track. I think previous commenter Glen has a point you know! said...

People are so critical of the singleton. They either accuse us of being too picky or too desperate.
I can't wait to find out how this unfolds.

Amanda said...

Ahh I was missing the Hands saga! Tell me more, tell me more!

P said...

Guys send mental texts sometimes. My boyfriend was over on saturday night and went home in the early hours . . . then I kept getting random texts from him at weird times like 5am suggesting I come over for a cuddle, or that he could be back at mine in half an hour. I kept falling asleep after my reply, so i'd wake up and have two or three texts from him where he'd invite himself over then say it didn't matter, then ask if i was mad him for leaving instead of staying over. I was thoroughly confused by the time I woke up properly.

I think Hands DOES seem keen. Perhaps he just didn't see any point in rushing a drink with you, and just figured it was better to wait until you were back in the country, and you could enjoy each other's company without any hurry...

Rapunzel said...

I haven't half missed you lot! Thanks for coming back, particularly as my break went on for longer than I'd promised.

Jo - I like them too. Even moreso when it's not me sending them!

Am flattered my post was the highlight of your day Niki, though hope something better happened later!

Thanks Nuttycow!

Do you think LifeBegins? Maybe the Rules have had more of an influence on me than I thought?!

Jonny - I will actually be discussing this in a post. Interested to know whether you think he should or shouldn't know about it?

Do you think so Anonymous? I wasn't so sure myself...

There is nothing simple about your breed Glen! It's us ladies that are the straightforward ones whereas we could do with a man manual (a MANual?!) for you lot!

Rapunzel said...

It was the best 'man with binoculars' pic I could find on google images Sharyn!

Familiar in the Hands and Rapunzel romance or in one of your own Diary of Why?!

Don't applaud me for playing it cool Betty B - it wasn't intentional, I had no idea what to do!

Who are you Joe King?!?!

The Goddess - when two intelligent women were trying to analyse what was going on (I mean us!) and had no idea, I think we can safely say that men are confusing!

Rapunzel x

Rapunzel said...

You are right Hyla I didn't. Have rectified that and will remember to post on there from now on. Thanks for visiting again!

I must admit that I also thought it seemed promising Soph even though my drunken texts don't necessarily reflect the truth!

Thanks Happy Frog! Part of the fun of writing this saga is hearing the male perspective. We'll know them inside and out by the time I've finished it!

Hear, hear Robyn! I thought I'd been hiding my bunny boiler side really well...;-)

I will Wild Oats! Cause there is more...!

What did your bloke have to say about the texts the next day P? I bet he tried to make out that you were the confusing one?!

Thanks all as ever for reading and commenting. You've made me feel very happy to be back!

Rapunzel x

P said...

Ha, funnily enough, he didn't make any excuses or anything about it! And I didn't push him on the issue because as far as I was concerned the fact he was texting me that much showed that he wanted to be there. Or something like that... :)

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Unknown said...

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