Wednesday 27 April 2011

33 Tales of a Real Life Romance - Chapter 18

I managed to forget about the fact that I'd felt rejected by Hands. It was actually quite easy to do so. Probably because he kept texting me while I was away on my trip and his messages were usually either instructions to 'hurry up and get back home', telling me that I was in his thoughts 'far too regularly', or that my return flight 'couldn't come soon enough'.

Call me Miss Hopeful, but I thought Hands seemed to be Mr Interested?

A couple of days before I was due home I decided to phone the man in question. Partly because I wanted to hear his voice, and partly cause I wanted to brag to someone (anyone) that I'd finished work for the day and was lying on the beach.

He said he'd been thinking about Date 4 and wondered if I fancied a night out in his neck of the woods that weekend. Nice idea you might think, but I wasn't keen. It would have meant spending the night at his home. I just wasn't sure that I was ready for that.

Oh no, by 'that' I don't mean that. I definitely wasn't ready for that. I liked Hands far too much to be sleeping with him on our fourth date. Plus he'd already said that he'd made up the bed in the spare room ready for if I accepted his invitation, so I was confident that he wasn't counting his chickens about getting his oats.

No, what I wasn't sure about was the idea of getting ready for a night out with Hands, in front of Hands. Wasn't it too soon for that? It was only date 4 after all. Too early to be discussing who was going to use the bathroom first. And I'd probably miss out one of the best bits about the early days of a relationship, which as we all know, is when the guy makes a conscious effort to tell you that you look nice. Hands was unlikely to compliment me after seeing the work that goes in to looking 'natural.' I'd probably end up trying to force the issue by doing a twirl and saying 'ta-da!'

Obviously I couldn't discuss any of this with Hands. Instead I just mumbled something about thinking it over and suggesting that he send me an itinerary.

Yep an itinerary. I mean really. What on earth was I thinking? Sometimes I could do with having a stern word with myself. The only good thing was that it wasn't going to be necessary to mull over Hands' invitation. I was pretty sure that he was unlikely to get back in touch with the girl that had asked him for an agenda. For a date.

An hour or so later I received an email.


Option A.... Sample the delights (well there are worse places - just!) of St Helens?

Dress code - smart casual (anything I've seen so far would be perfect, including comfortable heels for as regular as you'd like kiss access!)

Pick up - 7.30 prompt at your address. Alternatively catch a regular as clockwork, comfortable train from a station of your choice in Manchester city centre to Newton Le Willows where your car and driver will be waiting to collect you and transport you to your next destination..... The benefit of this option would be an earlier ETA..... Say 6pm pick up from the station?

Eat in or out?.... Including several drinks of your choice both at My Abode and St Helens town centre (a taxi will be arranged for this short journey.)

Sample the delights of date 4 in the safe hands of your Chauffeur/Date/Organiser and if the mood takes you - dance partner?

Return to your accommodation at a time of your choice (with your date!)and enjoy a very comfortable stay with the use of all available amenities.

The option of breakfast at either your chosen accommodation or alternatively in the grounds of a fairly nearby farm sampling their local produce is also available? - weather permitting!

Return to your home address (chauffeur driven by your date) at a time to suit you.

If at any point your date can make your evening/night/morning/lunch any more enjoyable then just let him know and he will do his best to accommodate your request!


Option B..... Invite your date to Manchester (where you always go out) for a night on the tiles - well at least 4 hours until your date has to get the train home.

........The choice is yours! Please respond to any option which features a question mark. I look forward to hearing from you very soon xxx


Niki said...



jo said...

that certainly is one very eloquent guy... and he certainly knows how to make option A very very tempting... i can see how easily it is to get swept away...

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I like this Mr Hands ;) Obviously a lot of thought went into this 'itinerary', all possible options and transport, lol. In the beginning Matt also sent me 'options' for our dates and vice versa. It's fun!

Sophie said...

I would have the same concerns too! I would be worried about waking up bare faced, what to wear to bed, do I have any spots?? etc etc even if I wasnt waking up with him! Once he has seen it then no turning back.

But if I recieved that email then I am thinking all my worries would go out the window... men that put effort in are VERY hard to find!

Go for it : )

Glen said...

He forgot option C which involves a Superloo in Ancoats.

I never was much good at romance

Betty B said...

As much as I hate the too often over use of the word hands does seem to have pretty good ‘banter’ with this itinerary malarkie and the past email convos- I approve so far.
I hope you faced your fears, went to his house and got extremely trollied on your night out! Let that hair down!
*Tales from the Morning After*

Oilfield Trash said...

I say go for it.

Sarah Tokeley said...

Please tell me you went for it!

Dater at Large said...

I'm a sucker for a man with a plan. You best accept... immediately!

Happy Frog and I said...

He sounds fun, I hope you went for it!

Vapid Vixen said...

Oh stop! You know you're going to! At least I really hope so. :)

P said...

You OBVIOUSLY went for it. Right??? said...

After reading option A, option B could not look less appealing. (I like the way he casually skipped the time between the evening and breakfast. Very suave.)
Do keep us posted.

Martin Eden said...

am I alone in thinking option B is better?

His itinery for A is very sweet but it wouldn't be as simple as all that, and would be moving things a bit quickly...we all know where that ends!

upsidedowngirl said...

If Option A wasn't an option, I'd be disappointed!!

Alyson said...

I'd have to go with Option A. If only because he actually humored you with an itinerary...and made it funny. :)

Bamberio said...

Option A does sound promising, but you have to remember, this guy is offering Rapunzel a night out in ST. HELENS - massively grim.

I hope his flat was nice.


Auto Title Loans said...

That is BEYOND adorable! I wish my dates would do such things like that for me! You HAVE to do it! And then, of course, write about how it goes.

manchester airport parking said...

Do it!!

Martin Eden said...

This won't end well for poor Hands x

Shopgirl said...


I hope you had a great time, either way.

perth airport long term parking said...

I'll definitely pick option A. I hope you have fun.

Auto Lease Broker Los Angeles said...

Haha, I love it. I've decided I'm pretty inept at the ways of love so my conversations with the current flavor of the month are pretty much:
Him: What you doing? want to come over?
Me: Sure. I'm hungry are you?
Him: I could eat.
Me: Cool. Then maybe we can have sex later, if I'm not too disgusted by the sight of you. Drinking would help.
Him: I'll get a few bottles of booze.

Is this normal? I don't think it is...I wish he'd write me an itinerary...

caravan parks said...

How did it go? Any updates? I hope you had fun.

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Anonymous said...

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I hope you faced your fears, went to his house and got extremely trollied on your night out! Let that hair down! |

Unknown said...

Please tell me you went for it! |

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