Monday 24 May 2010

28 Luke No Further

Now where were we, before we were rudely interrupted by some ignoramus?

Ah yes, I was telling you about the infamous BNO (Bloggers' Night Out) and how, for some unknown reason, I had thought it a good idea to give my phone number to a barman, otherwise known as Luscious Luke.

You may be thinking that it doesn't sound like such a terrible idea. Fact is though, he hadn't actually asked for my number, or even suggested that he might want it. Unless you believe that by telling me I had a bad attitude, he might be doing it subliminally?

Anyway what's done is done. There was no changing it. I just hoped, as we settled ourselves at a table in the next bar, that everyone would forget about it.

And I think we all did. At least for the fifteen minutes that passed before my phone beeped to indicate I'd received a text. At that point we all squealed. Like girls.

'Open it! What has he said?'

I did so. Praying that it wasn't actually a text from my mum. And wondering if I should pretend it was from Luscious Luke anyway if it was.

There was no need though, as there in my inbox was a message from an unknown number.

For some attitude?x

You would have thought by our reactions that we'd just heard about a shop giving away free shoes. Or that they'd discovered a cure for menstruating or something. My fellow bloggers were as excited as I was!

Result! Luscious Luke had texted me. And put a kiss! I was soooo in there.

We all set to work on a reply and eventually decided on, I will bring the attitude, if you bring the cocktails...

Okay, we'd had no male input and as there was only one attached person in our group of five, you wouldn't say we were exactly qualified in matters of lurve, but we were pretty proud of that text regardless. We reckoned that it was flirty, hinted at a date and we thought that the fact I hadn't put a kiss would keep him on his toes.

It wasn't long before the reply came through.

What's your name mystery Scottish woman?x

Hmmm he hadn't taken the date bait but it wasn't bad. And he'd put a kiss again.

I replied telling him it could be whatever he wanted it to be. Nah of course I didn't text that! I'd told him to guess and asked him his (even though I already knew it was Luke, Luscious Luke to me.) And so it went on.

All too soon it was the end of our BNO. We bade each other farewell, vowed to do it again and I promised to keep them up to date with the future installments of the LL saga.

Twas the very next day that there was a further development when I received the following text from my friendly barman.

Don't want to string you along, I have a girlfriend, just thought you were lovely x

I don't mind telling you that I cried when that message came through. I cried with frustration about yet another guy being attached and I wondered when I'll ever meet someone that isn't.

What I do mind though, is if you believed that statement above. Of course I didn't flipping cry!!! I don't even know the guy. How can I be upset about someone that I don't know from Adam? I was actually quite pleased to get that text. Pleased that he'd told me before I invested any time, and of course pleased about the compliment.

(Please see example above, Mr Lekker and any other attached men. Note that most of us females like our men single, and the sooner we find out that you aren't, the better. Before the first kiss is preferable. We can be weird that way.)

I replied to him thanking him for telling me. There were another few texts between us. General chit-chat about how long we'd both been in Manchester yadda yadda.

He asked me how old I was. I told him to guess. He replied 22,23. I agreed that I was thereabouts (give or take 11 or 12 years.)

I asked how old he was. He replied that he was 24. I laughed.

I asked if he had an older, single, brother. He doesn't.

And that was pretty much the end of that.

The verdict: It maybe didn't have the desired result, but now I know that he's a mere baby, 10 years my junior, I'm not sure that the desired result would have been the desired result anyway, if you get my drift?

Plus it gave all us girls a laugh, as well as giving me an ego boost. Also, I'd asked him his opinion on my technique, whether he thought that giving him my number was too forward. He replied that it wasn't, as he 'probably would have bottled' asking for mine anyway. So you see sometimes us girls have to make the first move.

So all in all, I have no regrets. In fact I reckoned I'd even do it again.

And whaddya know, the opportunity came up just a week later...


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I like this story :) I'm a little perturbed that he actually sent you those texts, when he had a girlfriend the entire time. But he did put a stop to it right away. And you got to harness your mojo ;)

Ack, teasing us like that, are's ya?

Helen said...

Argh!! I want to know what happened with the next one!!

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Enjoyed this. Except I actually DID believe that you cried...
*Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

Lainey said...

Fantastic post. Loved it.

Like Fishy, I did believe you had a wee cry too! Nothing wrong with being frustrated with the situation so much so that it bring you to tears.

Now don't keep us hanging - MORE!

Wynn said...

Oh yeah, girls making the first move is totally the way to go at times if not often! I'm pretty sure half of my conquered checks in the headboard wouldn't be there if I hadn't stepped in and made things happen. Boys can be slow and need a little push sometimes.

jo said...

it was good that he came clean to you bout his girlfriend. but i still felt a lil iffy bout him. what with him admitting that he would have asked for your number anyway and him sending you texts (with kisses behind to boot). but moving on, i'm dying to know what new opportunity presented itself to you...

Mary Jane said...

Your post title had me laughing. I'm actually a fan of Luke Skywalker! =D

Tuppence said...

Another opportunity eh? Ooh, you tease! What have you been up to missus?! Hurry up and post the juicy details - I need to know!


Lottie said...

Just been catching up with what I have missed over the last couple of weeks!!

Always end up laughing and smiling

Lottie x

P.S. Laughing with you not at you, of course!

Keith said...

This is my first time at your blog. I really like it a lot. I can't wait to check it out more. Have a great week.

Kate said...

For a second there I believed you had cried too. Must be my hormones getting all emotional on your behalf, or something!

And what's this? ANOTHER cliffhanger. Please tell us soon!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I love that you faked us out with the crying bit.

What a great story and especially for it to happen during BNO.

The opp came up a week later?? Terrible of you to leave us hanging like this. Just awful.


Skypirate said...

You told that tale brilliantly, except the bit about crying. That was lame :p

Unknown said...

I think girls can be proactive with getting phone numbers, too. When I first met my ex, I said to him across the shop he worked in "I need your number.", and not long after we were together for about 3 years. Shame he turned out to be mostly a massive idiot after that but ah well, you live and learn I suppose lol.

Anonymous said...


great post:)x

upsidedowngirl said...

Ah Rapunzel. I think we should go for a drink so some of your courage rubs off on me!!! I'm loving the cliff hangers though, it's getting like Dallas!!xx

Tuppence said...

Hey hun. How's it going with you?
There’s a little something for you over at my blog

Have a lovely weekend.


Aaron said...

I'm all for the girls being pro-active in handing out their numbers (well, just being pro-active in general, really). I think I've only ever been approached by one woman ever, and it was a nice ego boost, even if it didn't go beyond a few dates.

Like the blog. I look forward to reading more!

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

I don't commment often, but boy I love your post(s).

"What I do mind though, is if you believed that statement above."

Bwhaha, you crack me up.

Rapunzel said...

Thanks to all my regular commenters and to the new ones - hope you come again Keith and Alan!

Though actually none of you might come back now that I've posted what happened that week...! I apologise in advance, I feel that I've let you all down..!

Rapunzel x

ps By the way, thanks Mary Jane. I was fair chuffed with my title and hoped that someone would notice!!

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