Wednesday, 9 December 2009

25 Too Many Bloggers...

I'm not having much luck with this online dating malarkey.

A fellow blogger called Bamberio seemed to think so too. She suggested I go on a date with a guy whose blog she'd been reading.

Plentymorefishoutofwater was also writing about his dating experiences (the difference being that he was actually having some) and Bamberio thought it would be just 'brilliant' if me and him went on a date and blogged about it afterwards.

Now Bamberio's own blog is about rugby players so I presumed she must know stuff about men. She seemed convinced her idea, was a great idea. She even mentioned buying a hat...

I contacted Mr Fish to ask if he was aware he was being pimped out? He didn't seem to care and also seemed to think us going on a date might be a good idea.

I wasn't convinced though...

How can a blogger dating a blogger ever be a good idea?

No matter what happened on the date we'd have to blog about it. We wouldn't be able to help ourselves.

If one liked the other more than the other liked them, it would be blogged about.
If neither of us liked each other, it would be blogged about.
Even if it went really well, it would be blogged about.

Every flipping thing would be blogged about.

We'd constantly be trying to out-blog each other.

Wouldn't it be a case of too many bloggers spoiling things...?

I just didn't know what to do. So I dithered...and I dithered...and I dithered some more...

I dithered for so long that it appears that Mr Fish got fed up and started pursuing a hairdresser with a green thong.

Of course that's when going out with him suddenly seemed like the best idea I'd ever heard.

Why is it that we become interested in someone when they're no longer interested in us? It's nature's cruel trick.

It had happened to me before. I'd been on a night out in Amsterdam and my friends and I were trying to teach ourselves to pole dance in the middle of a busy bar (there was a pole there obviously.) A Dutch guy seemed to like my moves and wanted to talk to me in guttural and tell me I was lekker ding. I was far too busy trying to become Fantasia Sparkletush or something to pay him any attention though.

So what did he do? He went and sucked face with the toilet attendant, that's what.

Weirdly that's when I decided I wanted him. To hell with the pole! (I wasn't doing very well at mastering it anyway.)

It was too late though. He wasn't interested in me anymore. I had nothing to offer him. I couldn't get him into the toilets for free - you need to pay to visit many toilets in Holland, even in bars. You spend far more than a penny. It can make for an expensive night. He was actually being sensible in his choice of snog.

I couldn't compete.

Same now. I can't cut hair and I don't wear green thongs.

What do you get when you cross a blogger with a blogger?
I've no idea, I was too busy dithering to find out.


Sarah said...

i think it's a bad idea. sort of like office dating. there's a reason they call it 'fish bowl dating' no pun intended. great picture by the way. lol

Rapunzel said...

Thanks Sarah - obviously my competition was hotter than that though!

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

"Of course that's when going out with him suddenly seemed like the best idea I'd ever heard."

Haahaaaaaa! Yep, this sounds familiar.

Great post! Made me laugh out loud.
Lekker ding :)

Bamberio said...

I think it's an excellent idea Rapunzel (but then again as it was my suggestion that will come as no surprise!).

It would be like a bit of a social experiment and it will be fascinating to read about the date from both sides, especially when they will be written by two talented and humourous bloggers.

I'm sure Mr Fish will get fed up of green thong girl soon. I mean, how can you have a meaningful relationship with someone who has such bad taste in underwear?

Here's hoping you two can get it together and go on a date!

Also, Sarah - I met my fella through work. OK a bit risky I know as it could all have gone horribly wrong, but two years down the line we are still happily together and we still work together, so it can all turn out OK!


TheUnwashedMass said...

It's a smashing idea. If only for the interest of seeing a "Rashomon"-style multi-perspective transcription of your dates. Plus, you won't have to worry about how it went. You can just read his blog! Win-win scenario.

Lainey said...

I like the idea of it, but then I'm not the one doing it.

This blogger did just about the same thing- check out her post here. Good luck!

jo said...

while i've gone on plenty of online dates (where most didn't end up all too well), i have never considered dating a fellow blogger. that would just meant he has been privy to all sorts of information of my dating history via my blog. honesty is one thing, but that's just too honest for me to start off at the beginning. and if it does work out, both of you would probably have to stop blogging at some point.

Rapunzel said...

Thanks guys!

I'm no nearer to deciding whether it would be good to 'cross a blogger with a blogger' but if I ever do undertake that experiment, you will be the first to know!

It would be a more tightly controlled experiment than the link you posted Lainey, but thanks for giving me something to compare to!

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Unknown said...

i think it's a bad idea. sort of like office dating. there's a reason they call it 'fish bowl dating' no pun intended. great picture by the way. lol |

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