Thursday 17 June 2010

35 Karma Chameleon

If my brother fell in the river, he would come out with salmon in his pocket. And it would probably already be smoked.

Putting it another way, he is a jammy sod.

He says that it is nothing to do with luck, and all about karma. He reckons that the good things that happen to him, are just repayment for the good deeds he has done for others.

That theory is causing him a problem today though, and knowing how wise you lot are, I'm hoping that you can help him...

Once upon a time this morning, The Bro was on the bus travelling to work when he found a mobile phone. A decent, newish phone. The sort you could sell for a few bob on eBay if you were that way inclined.

That didn't even cross The Bro's mind though. Instead, he saw it as his chance to pay off a karmic debt incurred when he lost his camera with all his photos on while travelling in Australia, and some kindly soul had handed it to the police station.

So The Bro sees that the last number dialled on the phone was 'Mum', and calls her to say that he is in possession of her child's property and would like to return it.

Arrangements are made for collection and The Bro continues with his morning, happy that he's finally karma debt-free.

That is until 'Mum' arrives, thanks him for his honesty, hands him an envelope and tells him to have a drink on her and her son.

'Mum' has clearly heard the myth about Scots being big drinkers, because in the envelope was £40. Enough for quite a few drinks.

This is all very nice but has given my brother a bit of a conundrum. Does that mean he is actually still in debt? Should he be passing on the money to keep the good karma flowing? He reckons that it would make a homeless persons day to be handed £40.

I do have slight concerns with this idea though, as just last week my friend gave a homeless man some money. He was so delighted with her generosity that he gave her a hug and in the process got his blood on her top.

Plus, she'd only given him a fiver. I dread to think what my brother might get if he hands over eight times as much.

I'm unsure what to suggest so I'm handing it over to you. Please help Rapunzel's brother with his dilemma.

Should he pass it on? If so to who? Or in what way? Does he do a few good deeds? Pay someone's bus fare? Buy a stranger a coffee? Put it in a charity collection box?

Or does he do exactly as 'Mum' told him and have a drink or few this weekend and feel happy in the knowledge that he's a lucky devil?!


Tuppence said...

Oh, that's an easy one - he should do both. I'm a firm believer in good karma and paying it forward so he should pay half the money to the charity of his choice, then use the other half to buy a drink for him and something nice for his favourite sister!

Win-win all round don't you think?


Rapunzel said...

Ah this explains why he has just sent me a message saying 'part of Tuppence's suggestion is ridiculous'!

I agree with you. Charity does begin at home after all!


Miss OverThinker said...

I was going to say spend it all on drinks, but looking at Tuppence's suggestion I feel bad for even thinking it. So I guess, split 50-50 if he must..:)

Rapunzel said...

Don't be fooled Miss Overthinker. I was out with Tuppence t'other night and know her drink of choice is a porn star martini. She wouldn't have much change left after a couple of them!

Bro - I've had a suggestion on twitter that you buy some fairtrade booze. He reckons that you'll then get 'beer and karma in equal measure'!


Anonymous said...

I reckon he should give it all to a good cause....: you :-)

DJM said...

hmm maybe he should have a drink with the money, to go along with the original intentions of the phone owner, then, if he wanted to help the homeless he could always buy food or clothes and give them in passing. we have to do that in the states because if you give them cash they go straight to the liquor store....

good luck! that's a tough spot! totally agree with him on the karma though!

@1stDegree_Byrne said...

I think your bro should use £10 to buy a homeless person some food (we all kno they just buy drugs if u give them money!) and suggest he spends the rest on you! Get him to take you out for a few beers looking for barman to pass your number to...

Anonymous said...

He could also leave the money behind somewhere with his phone number on....If he'll ever get a call saying "i've found some money of yours" I am sure that will keep the good karma flowing, and saying that I am positive he'll get the call ;-)

Anonymous said...

No question about it, he should buy himslef a pint and put the rest in a charity box.


Rapunzel said...

Thank you for your suggestions everyone. In particular you anonymous ones cause you aren't bloggers and you don't chat as much. Much appreciated!

Loving all the comments that suggest giving it to me but somehow I don't think The Bro is going to go for that. I especially don't think he'll go for the idea of taking me out and being my wingman 1st Degree!

Mr/Mrs Anonymous that suggested leaving it lying reminded me of the time I was temping at the local university and a guy came to reception to say he'd dropped a £20 note outside and wondered if anyone had handed it in. I virtually laughed in his face! Did he really believe that someone would hand in money. Especially a poor student. Imagine my surprise when shortly after someone came to say they'd found a £20 note lying on the street and wanted to hand it in to us....

The world IS good!

Please continue with your ideas and I'll get him to tell us what he's decided.

Rapunzel x

Kate said...

How about:

£10 on drinks

£10 on a meal for a homeless person

£10 lying around with a message on to pay a good deed forward

£10 on lottery tickets, as some of the money goes on good causes. Also, just think what good karmic charitable deeds The Bro could do with several million pounds instead of just £40!


Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Er, surely the £40 was reward in karma?
*Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

Anonymous said...

Crazy suggestions! He should drink the lot! He already did his good deed!! Now it's time to reap the rewards..

Dater at Large said...

I spent the last $10 I found on the running path half on pizza takeout (with free pizza coupon) and half on coffee and a bagel. I guess I owe someone, something, somewhere?

Kitty Moore said...

I think he should just blow the lot on himself (Tuppence - what 'nice' thing can he buy for Rapunzel for a tenner?)

Hyla said...

Buy a pizza, give it to a homeless person, and overtip his next waitress

JoMarie said...

half and half deffo!:)

How about a charity for the homeless so he won't have to hand it over personally?

Although I don't think it would have even crossed my mind to give the money away..

but then, I am a broke student:]

Sweet of him to want to tho


Anonymous said...

A homeless man got blood on your friend's shirt??? Ew.

I say he should go have a drink. He did his good deed and someone was grateful. Plus, ya know, any excuse for a drink is right up my alley.

Red Squirrel Tales said...

Well surly he should keep the money as that is his Karma reward?

Would it be simmilar to falling in a river, coming out with salmon then putting them back?

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Have a summer picnic or a little barbeque 'party'. Invite a few friends and have a blast.

Taggart said...

Nobody is really homeless, the only reason they are on the street is cos they are alchies or drug users so scrap that idea!! Gamble it and double the money! If it's good Karma money then he should win!

Larissa said...

Hi- I'm new to your blog, it's great!

As for your brother's karmic debt, I support the money being used for a drink and what's left being used to buy the rest of the bar a drink.

nice to meet you,


Anonymous said...

I'd say follow what the Mum wanted b/c if not you're disobeying the karma. So, bottoms up.

Eva said...

Drinks all 'round I'd say.

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Lauren said...

Give it to a homeless person with a dog. Even if the hobo is a junkie at least he'd feel inclined to buy his dog some proper grub.
Alot of true tramps don't like charity and won't accept food or other good will gestures (in my experience).
So what if they buy alcohol with it?
It warms them up and keeps them feeling like they've had a good meal even if they haven't. Being drunk passes time in big chunks and if someone was so inclined to kick the shit out of them on a Saturday night, at least they won't feel it so much.

Anonymous said...

Wha did he do please ???

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hanan said...

Oh, that's an easy one - he should do both. I'm a firm believer in good karma and paying it forward so he should pay half the money to the charity of his choice, then use the other half to buy a drink for him and something nice for his favourite sister!
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