Sunday 21 February 2010

23 Giddy Kipper

You would think I'd never been on holiday before. Excited is not the word! I can't even concentrate properly, my head is already on the beach.

It probably explains why it took me so long to work out what the dodgy smell was in my fridge earlier. It was a real puzzle because there isn't even that much in there. I picked everything up one by one to sniff them. The mayonnaise, the milk, the wine, the yoghurts, the chocolate. All fine. Nothing out of date. Weird.

I felt pretty stupid when I realised that the aroma was that of fake-tan. From my own out-stretched arm.

I'm probably extra-excited because when Taggart and I first talked about going away, my bank account was screaming 'No!' and it wasn't looking like I could go anywhere.

I was in the middle of thinking up hair-brained schemes to get some cash when I spotted my money pot. I've been putting money in it for a few years, a pound coin here, a fiver there and was only going to break it when it was full which it wasn't quite yet. I was saving for a rainy day though and it has been pissing down recently and I really want to go on holiday, so I decided it was time to smash the pot.

After a quick google to find out the best way to do it (put a chisel in the money slot and just 'lift' the top off) I sat and counted my money...

I only flipping well had seven hundred and fifty-four pounds and twenty pence!!!!

Yep, £754.20!!!

I know - I couldn't believe it either! You wouldn't even imagine that much would fit in the pot. I felt like a lottery winner.

So after a quick call to Taggart to inform her that I'm actually rich and just hadn't realised it, we had a quick search on the internet and a few hours later had booked our respective flights (her from Glasgow, me from Manchester) to meet up in the Canaries.

We've both been giddy kippers since. Well I know I have and the fact that Taggart keeps sending me texts saying things like 'Do you fancy meeting up on Monday? What about meeting half-way? In Gran Canaria say? Woo hoo!' suggests that she is too.

It has an extra special place in our hearts as well, because both Taggart and I used to work there. We knew each other from school but it was the 'Summer of 97' while working in the sunshine, miles away from home that we became proper friends.

Of course it is irrelevant really. We were whippersnappers then, while now we are mature adults. It doesn't really matter where we are going because all we intend to do is sunbathe and relax. We aren't even going to go out. So while I will in theory have plenty of time to blog, I just won't have anything to write about. I mean I know that Taggart and I seem to attract drama to us wherever we go...but not this time. Nope, 'Rapunzel and Taggart do Gran Canaria' is going to make for a very boring read so I won't inflict it on you.

(Note to any men - you realise if you ask me out on a date now, I'll think that you only want me for my money?! And on the same theme, note to everyone - I do not want to return from my holiday to lots of begging letters. Get your own money pot!)


Anonymous said...

" I mean I know that Taggart and I seem to attract drama to us wherever we go...but not this time."
Famous last words :)

I'll be interested to hear what happens, as I'm sure SOMETHING will.

MA said...

Your posts always make me giggle. Thank you :) said...

I don't believe your trip will make for a boring read. Your writing's never boring. I'm sure you'll have a great adventure. Moreover, I'm REALLY glad it wasn't the chocolate that was producing that odor. Phew!

Lottie said...

My money pot never gets more then 30 in it before I am breaking it open lol

Have fun on your Jollies

Lottie x

Anonymous said...

wooohooo indeed! Have a lovely time. Do share! And don't leave anything out - even if you think it's boring. It's raining "cords and ropes" here and I could use a few sunny posts from "The Chronicles of Rapunzel and Taggart in the Islands"!

Bon voyage!


Kate said...

Excellent stealth saving Rapunzel.

I hope you and Taggart have a FANTASTIC holiday, and I'm 100% positive you will have something to entertain us with on your return!

(Loving the photo with this post by the way).

Kate x

Ca88andra said...

My money pot has about 10 cents in it... *sigh*

All Women Stalker said...

Dang I got get serious about this money pot business as well. Have fun!

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

I think we're all looking forward to hearing about the things you didn't get up to out there...
Have fun and bring me back something nice (expensive) Rapunzel x

Kitty Moore said...

Happy holiday! x

Lainey said...

Good saving! I'm saving £2 coins for my hols. Mind you, I've already raided two out of it this week.

Have a fab time and hope there are lots of amusing antics. x

Tuppence said...

Hiya Rapunzel

Hope you've had a fantastic time on your hols! I bet you've got plenty of tales to tell when you get back - can't wait to hear them!

Anyway, there’s a little something for you over at my blog.

Lifestyle Lookbook said...

Have a fantastic trip! Can't you please maybe get into an eeny weeny bit of trouble, just to keep us entertained? Pretty please? :)

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