Thursday 8 April 2010

22 Sweet Stuff

Tuppence over at Tuppenny Tales started blogging around the same time as me. I'm an avid reader of her blog and thought she enjoyed reading mine too.

That is until she wrote a whole post pointing out to her readers that I hadn't written anything for a few weeks. She said that I'm a disgrace to the blogging world and that I shouldn't actually call myself a blogger.

I was gutted.

Until I woke up.

Yes it had just been a dream! Hurrah! (Or should that be nightmare?)

Talk about a relief. Of course I went over to her blog just to double check that it had been a dream. It had. There was no slander of any sort. In actual fact she was being very nice and linking to my post about Mr Trafford Centre, because she was going on a date to the same venue and was praying it wasn't the same guy.

To be honest though, despite the dream/nightmare suggesting otherwise, I wasn't really worried what other people thought about me not blogging. I was just missing it myself!

I may not have been doing it for very long, but it had become a way of life. An addiction. An addiction that I wasn't getting the time to feed.

Then when I did find some time and finally sat down to laptop promptly died. It was like going cold turkey. There were scenes similar to those in Trainspotting, when Ewan McGregor's character was coming off the heroin. Just without the various body excretions.

The guy at the repair shop seemed a bit bemused when I rambled on and on about needing my laptop back immediately because...'I'm meant to write about my holiday...started it...need to finish it...but Taggart already on another holiday...Cancun...lucky bitch...probably too late to write about it now?...Still need to write other stuff...will lose my readers if I don't hurry up....'

It was also one of the few times that I've cursed being single. Only because I reckoned that if I had a man in my life, he'd have a computer and I would have been able to borrow his.

I jest, but it really was horrible. Not only is blogging about writing and expressing yourself, it's also about the blogging community. I feel like I have friends there and I was missing seeing what they were getting up to.

I've never met the afore-mentioned Tuppence but I feel like I know her. I wondered what was happening in her love-life. And what about Kate at Perfect Ten? Did that little box she'd found amongst her boyfriend's stuff contain an engagement ring? Was she still having flirty texts with Foxy Scott?

I wondered what Lainey had been writing about. She'd told us about her time at Boot Camp. What was happening in her life now? What about the bloggers who write about a completely different life to mine, like Argentum Vulgaris who has told about being 'dad' to 14 children.

I was even missing reading about what my real-life proper friend was up to over in her blog The Single Mum Life. OK, I could have just called her to get her news, but we are all often a lot more honest in our blogs. I've learnt a lot more about her from reading. And when she wrote about doing a pregnancy test the other weekend, I was in the same position as the rest of her readers and didn't know the result...

And then of course there is Fishy. Ah Fishy. The blogger I went on a date with. He was quite put out when he texted me, and as my phone had broken and hadn't saved my newer numbers (yes just yet another technological problem I was dealing with!) I'd had to ask who he was.

He replied that his number should be engraved on my heart.

Er right. Not quite. But I sort of know what he meant. He's become a really good friend in a short space of time, and I feel like I know him well despite only having met him once.

I think that is down to blogging. I can't recommend it enough. It can solve all problems. Need more friends? Blog. Need some advice? Blog. Having a bad day? Blog.

I've never received so many lovely comments and texts as I did the time I put up the post The One and Only about the crap day I was having.

Mind you, I also received a text asking if I 'fancied a shag' but I think that was a joke. Wasn't it? (If you haven't read that particular post, then please do so in order to put this in to context!)

Anyway the whole point of this post is to tell you that I'm officially back and I've missed this and you so much that I'm not leaving you again. Whether you like it or not!

Rapunzel x

p.s Just incase you wondering about the reasons behind the choice of photo... a friend emailed it to me and when I said I might use it in my blog, he said he'd be impressed if I could make that work. Personally I feel it is the perfect accompaniment to the title. Don't you?*

p.p.s Another wee reminder. If you haven't already rated the video of me in my Tower, then please do so. Och yer awfy guid!

* Shhhhh! He might not notice that although the photo works with the title, the title has bugger all relevance to the post!


Helen said...

I get guilt if I don't update. And then I forget to update about things that I wanted to update about.

The life of a blogger!

Nice to have you back! x

Tuppence said...

Hmmm, I thought my ears were burning.

You scared the beejezuz out of me there - I thought I'd completely lost the plot and started posting things that I had no recollection of! Aarrrrggghh! Thank god it was just a dream and I'm not undergoing a psychotic break!

As for nightmares, well the whole Rob saga meant I had a doozey of a 'mare the other night. I dreamt I went back to Egypt but because Rob had dumped me I had to take my mum and she complained about everything - woke up in a cold sweat from that one!

I love reading your blog (and everyone else's of course!) because it always manages to cheer me up. (Sometimes mine just seems like a right misery-fest and I wonder how anyone can bear to read it.)

If I go more than a couple of days without commenting or blogging I start to get all twitchy now - hmmm, methinks I may like it a bit too much perhaps? Aww, sod it - I don't care!

Blogging is the best - who needs soaps and TV drama when we've got these real stories from all sorts of interesting people? In fact I hardly seem to watch TV these days, it just doesn't match up to the exploits of all my blogging friends.

Blogging over the last few months has saved my sanity and made me feel a part of something really good. I've just got to 'know' so many great people who have been there to laugh with me, offer advice and a shoulder to cry on, and just been exactly what friends should be - there for you.

Oh dear, I sound like some sappy Hallmark greetings card now! Anyway, I'm delighted that you're back with us properly - we've missed you loads, so don't you dare disappear again or I'll be after you. I know where you live...well kind of, and I'm sure the concierges in the tower could help me.


Rapunzel said...

Thanks Helen1 The worst is when you start doing things you never normally would, just so you have something to blog about!

Sorry my dear Tuppence! How do you think I felt for those hours believing you'd said that?!

God knows why I dreamt that or why you, but never mind.

And your blog is not a misery fest at all. For a start you've been on more dates in the last few months than anyone I know!

Rapunzel x

Kate said...

Hurray hurray you're back with a blogging bang!

And only two weeks til we go out for some alcohol assisted fun on our bloggers' night out too. :-) I guess that will give us all something to write about! Ha - we could have a three or four way view/blogging report on the night - could be interesting! ;-)

Oh and thanks for noticing I've reached the magic 100 as well! It's really nice to think that there's 100 people out there who've clicked the little 'follow' button on my blog and haven't got round to unticking it yet. :-)

Kate x

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Bloggers' night out? Oooh, sounds good. As a blogger I'm up for that...
Nice post Rapunzel - we love you too. See you tomorrow x

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Wow, it's amazing how quickly it can feel like a community! I've missed your blog, so am glad that you are back from the doldrums of laptop-less hell! I swear, if I go without Internet/puter for more than a day, I Start to get this twitch in my finger. Thank gosh for my phone! Or well now it's gettig to be more like 30 min. Ahhhhh, I need help!

Is it still an addiction if you don't want to be cured?

Ready for the next blog, please :)

Happy Frog and I said...

Welcome back to blogsville, looking forward to reading more posts!

Unknown said...

Finally ... your back.!!! I've missed you... still looking forward to your holiday blog, and all the blogs you have in your head, just waiting to be written and read ;-)

Bird on a Wire said...

Awh I've missed you too, both on here and in real life!!



Bobby Allan said...

I know what you mean. I took the last week off from blogging for spring break and I feel like everyone is at a party without me!

Unknown said...

Yipppeeee! On two levels actually: welcome back and this is the first time in weeks that I've been able to access your blog site! Something wacky in my browser or the url. Whatever it was, I was able to climb back in by way of Tuppence's blog and there you were...errr...there was that boa-draped lovely and your re-entry post.

I now feel officially caught up and back in sync...along with you. (I believe you were the one reassuring me when I was feeling guilty for not having posted on schedule so soon into the game. Sweet stuff, indeed.)

(by the way - great video! fingers crossed!)


oi! said...

Your blog is so funny! love it! even though I have just started blogging and I procrastinate a lot, still when my friends ask me so what happened to... I feel like I am not doing my duty.
oh and I am featuring you on my blog.

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