Tuesday, 26 January 2010

39 An Open Email to Fishy

From: Rapunzel - moderndayrapunzel@googlemail.com
To: Fishy - pmfoutofwater@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Tuesday 26 January 2010

Oh Fishy,

You had to go and spoil things didn't you?

It was all going so well. Bamberio suggested we go on a date and being a reader of your blog and finding you hilarious, I thought/hoped that you were a man after my own heart and nothing could go wrong.

And nothing was going wrong. Even our first phonecall, which you were dreading, was better than we could both ever have hoped. We both got excited about our date. Everyone else got excited too. A friend even texted me to say she was going to buy a hat.

Now unfortunately my friends aren't so sure. All because of your last post.

It doesn't matter too much about the fact you've acted very blase about this date, because you and I both know that isn't true. The constant texts say otherwise. In fact I've been told that if you'd sent just another couple more I would have had reasonable grounds to take out a restraining order against you.

Yes I know that you love my accent, and that you think I look lovely in my facebook picture, but there are only so many times that a girl wants to hear it.

No, that isn't the problem though. The problem is that my friends know that I'm very fussy and they are actually questioning my sanity in agreeing to go out with you since you made your little confessions. Some are even a bit worried for my safety. They'd hoped that you would be an improvement on Mr Trafford Centre, not worse.

Despite my own concerns, I'm a woman (albeit young-looking) of my word, so I will still go on this date as planned.

You can dream on about trying your tricks in order to get a kiss though, as they won't wash with me. I've promised Taggart that I will carry a personal alarm and you really don't want to hear the noise that makes.

love Rapunzel x


Anonymous said...

Definitely wondering whether this bloke is worth your while...I mean if all he wants is a kiss, you dont need to make a big fuss and go on a date, just go down to the local pub, it might even be better!! and he is underaged too... practically in his teens.. and worse ...it could be like kissing your wee brother goodnight...ewwwww

The Invisible Seductress said...

Very well said!! Always love your viewpoints on things!! I could learn a thing or ten!!!


Wynn said...

I'm sensing some awkward blogosphere here. I hope it goes well, I like both of you!

FierySaggGirl said...

To think I believed all the good men were taken! Sure, Fishy admitted to gastrointestinal issues (aka-flatulence), spontaneous erections which may mean there is a host of other problems in that area, and something about his Grandma, but he is apparently very interested in you and from reading your blog, you will give him a run for his money. Don’t let this one off the hook!

Toni said...

I am sure fishy is only trying to lower your expectations in advance. Having said that if he does try anything funny you are Scottish so no doubt you can quickly drink him into submission. Anyway, even if he does get a little aroused that can only be regarded as a compliment, I would be a little more concerned about his toilet fixation if I were you.

Kate said...

And his obsession with periods...

Lottie said...

I hope he isn't as sharp as he comes off in his blog....

And hope you have a good time

Lottie x

RenRexx said...

uh-oh.... it sounds like the romance is unraveling before the date has even taken place!

Aion said...

It'll be ok Rapunzel... if Fishy gets tooo worked up just tell him this: "Hey fool ~ Hand in your pocket go to the loo ~ Hand in your pocket go to the loo" repeat chorus... if/when needed :)


Keren David said...

You've read his blog and his confessions surprise you? The rest of us thought they were mild...Anyway you must go on the date. Hundreds of blog-readers are waiting for your report.

Anonymous said...

Okay first time commenter here. I've got to be honest it sounds like there's a reason Fishy goes on so many first dates and not that many second and third ones. I really hope he is not representative of most guys! Fingers crossed he is just lowering expectations and it works out.

Anonymous said...

hmm blogging about this before the event doesnt seem as good an idea as it seemed before.

jo said...

i guess normally you don't find out these lil true confessions until much later. that said, i think the 2 of you sound cute together and would have a good date.

Dating Diva said...

Honestly I think the Fish is being sarcastic and entertaining. I get his humor. I think you both should still go on the date. I bet it will honestly be fun and surprise you both!

Anonymous said...

It is surprising that you are surprised by his blogging, Fishy´s always been staggeringly open and honest - this is one of the things that makes him appealing and funny. Think you might need to lay down some new rules so that you can go on this date without worrying - remember its not meant to be a competition about who can outblog the other, Fishy are you reading? You have to decide what´s more important, the date or the blogging. It should be fun, and you might make a really good pair - enjoy.

Dater at Large said...

I have to join in with everyone else on this one... you headed into this with eyes wide open, did you not?

Also, you have to take the writing with a grain of salt. Blogging always involves some kind of edit to it, often to make better posts.

Now get on that airplane!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I'm on Team Rapunzel. (Do keep in mind that he's acting more outrageous than usual because he likes you.)
One of you needs to stay cool and stable here. We know you're the only hope for that.

Rapunzel said...

I can always rely on you Robyn and Invisible Seductress! Is there a 'favourite commenters award'?!

Anyway despite the fact Fishy had done his damndest to put me off the date, of course I was still going to go on it.

And I did. You can read the start of it today...

Rapunzel x

All Women Stalker said...

Sounds like he was "acting nuts" because he likes you. :)

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Unknown said...

It'll be ok Rapunzel... if Fishy gets tooo worked up just tell him this: "Hey fool ~ Hand in your pocket go to the loo ~ Hand in your pocket go to the loo" repeat chorus... if/when needed :)
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