Sunday, 24 January 2010

35 Rapunzel's Dating Rules

Rule 1 - If your potential love interest volunteers to arrange the date, let him. Just sit back and enjoy...

Since our first phone call, Fishy and I have been texting and texting and texting. He gives really good text.

In fact if that's all a relationship was based on, I'd have him take me up the aisle straight away.

I start getting excited about meeting him. So much so, that I really want our first date to go well. We just need Fishy to come up with a good plan.

I ask a few people for date suggestions. Just in case.

I only ask my friends...and my mum...and the concierges. And I mention it to my work colleagues. And I ask the cleaner of the Tower, when I'm in the lift with her. And the barman of my local. But that's all.

I mean I've left the decision up to Fishy anyway and I'm sure he'll do a great job...

Rule 2 - The man likes to feel that he is the man. Let him have the final say on everything.

I call Fishy.

'I've had a great idea! What do you think about seeing if we can get a cheap flight and go somewhere new and random for the day?!'

'Absolutely not.' he replies.

He explains that he doesn't like 80% of people that he meets and it is unlikely that I will be an exception.

'Therefore,' he states, 'I will not, under any circumstances, be stuck with you in a plane. Or a train for that matter. Or a car either.'

I take on board his concerns.

I tell him to research flights and destinations and that I'll call him in an hour.

Rule 3 - Most men will want to pay for everything on the date. Offer to go Dutch, but if they don't let you, don't push it.

When we reconvene Fishy claims that he didn't know where to even start looking. I tell him not to worry and that I've found us dirt cheap flights to Belfast. He balks at the price.

'£18?! I'm not paying that.'

I remind him it would cost him almost that just to come and see me in Manchester. He agrees and asks if I'll book his flight. He says that he'll give me the money when we meet.

Clearly Fishy thinks I've just fallen off a turnip truck.

I'd feel a right idiot if he didn't turn up.

I tell him we'll both book our own.

Rule 4 - Be a little bit mysterious. Men like that.

We decide to get booked immediately. Both tap away at our respective computers inputting our info. Keep having to wait for him to catch me up.

Choose what flight we want. Put in our payment details. Names and addresses. He asks me my middle name. I promise that I'll tell him on the date. He'll definitely not stand me up now.

Do you want travel insurance? Is anyone carrying sports equipment? Does anyone in your party require special assistance?

'Well, do you require any extra help' Fishy asks. 'Perhaps for your wheelchair?'

'Your party is just you.' I tell him. As for whether my party needs special assistance...that'll just have to be a surprise..'

Rule 5 - Feign indifference. Act like you are always going on dates and doubt that this will be anything special.

We both finish booking!..get the email confirmations. I am beside myself with excitement!

'Ohmigod we are going to Belfast. I cannae wait!!! 3 more sleeps!!! I'm just going to go and tell my friends what we are doing. Then shall I phone you back? You can decide what we do when we are actually there. Ooooh Ive heard there's a great pub we must go to. We could go on a bus tour? I think we should go on the wheel. Oh how exciting!! Call you soon! Byeeeeeeeeee!'


Grgg said...

Hehe, you're goooood! Sounds like you got him right where you want him!

All Women Stalker said...

THe last one had me laughing. Hopped on over to Fishy's blog but no post from him yet. Haha

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Wow, AWESOME idea! I was like what is a couple dancing on a place have to do with.....aha! Cheap flights will save the world.

And while I agree with his sentiment about being stuck, you could always part ways and take opposite sides of the plane ;)

Diary of Why said...

Maybe it's because I'm American, but the idea of going to another COUNTRY on a first date is jaw-dropping. I'm sort of with Fishy on this one, but I hope it works out well for you!

The Invisible Seductress said...

You are so cute!! I hope you guys really have a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a first date - beats the cinema any time!

I am an old colleague of sorts of 'Fishy' and am loving the two sides to this saga - normally we just get his viewpoint of dates. PS he is normal, and quite normal looking - enjoy!

Kate said...

Now that is what I call a first date! I suppose if you're not getting on well then you can always vomit on Fishy during take off and landing! I'm sure you'll get on great though. :-)

Can't wait to hear Fishy's take on this...

Kate x

theblueeyedboy said...

Brilliant post. I hope you both have a the best first date!

Dater at Large said...

Oh my, you are certainly adorable. Personally I would hate if I was making the plans and then my date stepped all over me to make their own BUT seems to be working out for the two of you...

Diary of Why: I'm with you! (and American) I likely wouldn't leave the city, let alone the state, let alone country... you get the idea :-)

Keren David said...

I think this is your best post ever. Can't wait to read about the date.

Ca88andra said...

What a great idea! Hope you have fun.

Unknown said...

cute =)

jo said...

and that's 5 good rules to live by haha! have fun!!

Rapunzel said...

I didn't actually realise what a mad idea it was until I saw it written down!

I just get the feeling that Fishy is a really quiet boy and conversation is going to be difficult, so I will need to be entertained in other ways. With hindsight I should have just suggested going to the cinema...

Wish me luck..!

Rapunzel x

Toni said...

Belfast huh? Home of the Titanic. Still at least there are plenty of decent bars. Is it an overnighter?

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

All this is terrible for my ego, you know. Anyway, there's a few things I need to tell you Rapunzel if you want to head over to my blog...

Rapunzel said...

Oh god!

Take my advice and do not go over to his blog. You seriously do not want to know.

Fishy, it is bad enough that I'm going to have to think about your little erection problem now without having everyone asking me about it after!

Is it too late to cancel? I might be washing my hair...

Kitty Moore said...

When are you going? I'm very excited about your date!!

Kitty x

Tuppence said...

Oh, good luck Rapunzel - from what I've read of Fishy's blog I have a feeling you may well need it!

If he mentions that he's been sniffing his sheets in preparation, run a mile...

x said...

He definitely needs a woman like you to take control. The guy told you initially he'd be the gentleman and make the plans. Suddenly, it was something you asked him to do (am I the only reader amongst Fishy's millions of overly sympathetic followers to notice this?). Fish, you didn't step up! Put a blanket over your lap on the plane and deal. And be good to Rapunzel. She's a good one. I do hope you both have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Love your list of rules and the blatant effort to ignore them. Read your post first & figured Belfast was just a way for you to get a hometurf advantage, with you being a traveler and him more of an anchor ;) After reading his post you may need it!

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Unknown said...

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