Wednesday 5 January 2011

32 The One Where All This Happened...

If my life in 2010 was a sitcom, the episode guide would look something a bit like this...

Ep 1: The one with the date with a blogger.

Rapunzel makes the brave (foolhardy?) decision to go on a date with the infamous Fishy. For some unknown reason she suggests they fly to another country for the day. The nation waits with baited breath to read Rapunzel and Fishy's versions of how they got along...

Ep 2: The one with the Blogger's Night Out.

Rapunzel goes on another blind date with bloggers. This time with four other girls. Despite what you may imagine, a typical BNO does not involve everyone taking out their laptops. Instead, the girls go for dinner and cocktails and much fun is had by all. Normally what happens on a night out, stays on a night out, but the usual rules do not apply when going out with bloggers who write about everything. Rapunzel forgets about this fact amongst all the merriment and ends up doing something silly...

Ep 3: The one where Rapunzel's blog is on a shortlist.

Fellow blogger Tuppence nominates Rapunzel as one of Manchester's best personal bloggers. Rapunzel is delighted, especially when she is shortlisted in the top 5. She doesn't win but doesn't mind cause everyone knows that it is the taking part that counts. Plus she hadn't been blogging very much...

Ep 4: The one where Rapunzel stops blogging.

We see Rapunzel doing her favourite job - filming hotels for the internet - in seven different countries, including Benidorm, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. She has many tales to tell but is so busy styling bathrooms (spare toilet rolls just look so tacky), chatting to managers and persuading tourists to be filmed in their beachwear, that she doesn't get the chance to recount these stories. And any spare time that she does get, is spent on the beach rather than in internet cafes writing posts.

Ep 5: The one where Rapunzel gets older.

Rapunzel celebrates turning 34. She is working in Portugal which coincidentally is also what she was doing on her 19th birthday. See a flashback as she compares her current situation to the way things were back then...

1995 - waitressing in an Indian restaurant.
2010 - assistant producer doing a job she loves. (winner!)

1995 - paid an equivalent of £5 a night to stay in an apartment that rarely even had running water.
2010 - paying a lot more than £5 a night to stay in an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Manchester's city centre in the UK's tallest residential building. (winner and not just because of the constant water!)

1995 - in the second year of a relationship with her first love who is at home waiting for his free-spirited girlfriend's return from working abroad for 3 months.
2010 - single and has been for donkeys. (hmmmm!)

In the end Rapunzel decides that is there no point comparing, and that at 34 she is actually the equivalent of two 17 year olds and what could be better than that?!

Ep 6: The one with the purple balloons.

Rapunzel once told Taggart that she'd love to come home to a room filled with balloons. Taggart remembered this and arranges for Rapunzel's new flatmate (The Goddess) to fill Rapunzel's bedroom with purple balloons as well as putting up birthday banners to surprise her when she gets back from Portugal. Just a perfect example of...

Ep 7: The one with the amazing friends.

Rapunzel has some tough times throughout the year but is supported by her fabulous friends. The afore-mentioned Taggart and The Goddess are towers of strength as is her friend England, Scarlet and not forgetting Lego who sends her a care package consisting of things like magazines and face masks as a pick-me-up at a particularly crap time. If good friends were money, Rapunzel would be rich.

Ep 8: The one where Rapunzel is a lesbian.

Or at least she is asked if she is. By her mum. In a text.

Ep 9: The one where Rapunzel goes to bootcamp.

Rapunzel finishes her abroad jobs and decides to start blogging again. She then gets a job filming on an army base where she spends the week staying in the Officer's Mess. 'Officer's Mess?' her friend says, 'That's even better than the Sergeant's Mess. How posh!'

And yes, it is posh if you class posh as somewhere with a single bed, no TV, no internet (bang goes the plans to return to blogging) and shared showers.

In this episode see Rapunzel wake up to the sound of 'Left, right, left right' outside her window. See her argue with one of the Majors for nicking her space in the shower queue. See her complain that 'It's just not right seeing your boss in your pyjamas!' after she sees her boss in his pyjamas. Then see when the fire alarm goes off at 3am and all the crew and Officers traipse outside to the cold and everyone sees each other in their nightwear!

Ep 10: The one with the embarrassing moment.

Flashback to Rapunzel's first day at bootcamp. She has started a week later than the rest of the team and is keen to make a good impression. They finish filming one of the soldiers and Rapunzel goes towards him to take off his radio mic. For some reason the soldier gets confused and seeems to think that Rapunzel is going to kiss him. She realises this, gets flustered and almost draws on his face with the pen she is brandishing. She lets him kiss her though so he's not embarrassed. He realises his mistake though when she reaches for his mic and of course gets embarrassed. Rapunzel does her best to act like it is normal to kiss people when you de-mic them to make him feel better. She prays no-one has noticed.

Seems her boss did. He pulls her aside after and asks 'What the hell was all that about?!' From then on jokes are made when Rapunzel is around soldiers, warning her to refrain from kissing them.

Ep 11: The one where Rapunzel sleepwalks.

Rapunzel gets up from her bed in the Officer's Mess and rushes to queue for the shower with her towel and shampoo. The shower is empty which is weird. She then discovers that it is only 1am and has only been in bed a couple of hours and is actually sleepwalking.

On hearing the story, Jeremy Kyle, the presenter of the programme Rapunzel is working on, informs her that isn't normal behaviour (some could argue that neither was the incident in episode 10). As someone that is known for having unusual people on his chat show, Rapunzel takes on board his thoughts and googles 'sleepwalking'.

It turns out that it isn't usual to have conversations in the middle of the night with people that aren't there. Nor is it normal when staying at your parents home to go into their room and ask your mum who the bugger is that she is in bed with (especially when you should really be able to recognise your own dad...) and then switch their light on and off repeatedly. Seems Jeremy had a point. Rapunzel just isn't quite sure what to do about finding a cure. She has other things distracting her anyway...

Ep 12: The one where Rapunzel meets a boy...

Rapunzel meets a boy. A boy she really likes...

Tune in this Friday for the first episode of the new 2011 series to find out what happens...


Bamberio said...

Oooh I cannot WAIT! Good to have you back and blogging Rapunzel! x

Betty B said...

Interesting, where did you find this boy? I know it wasn't the supermarket, was the gym visit a success?
Jealous of your Jezza Kyle connection! he is one of my odd crushes
Betty B

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I was going to comment on how much I liked this format...and the funny little de-miccing story...and sleep-walking, but then I read the last part! Spill lady!

whydidn'tshefancyme said...

With your TV connections I hope you are going to turn this blog in to actual TV programmes, I for one will series link it on Sky +.

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Like it a lot, especially the 'two 17-year-olds' line. I guess that makes me two 15-year-olds, which I think is about right...

Aaron said...

Nooooooo! I hate cliffhanger endings.

I hope you're currently typing up the next installment.

Rapunzel said...

Awww you guys and your comments!

Thanks Bamberio - it's good to be back!

I suppose JK is a bit like Adam Garcia...if you squint!

Thanks Life Begins and yes I will spill...!

Why - that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Except for when an ex boyfriend told me he was impressed that I hadn't got fat!

Fishy - thanks for completely proving my theory!

Aaron - of course! I've promised it will be up on Friday haven't I?
(Ok I haven't been the best at posting recently but that was soooo last year!)

And thanks everyone for reading.


Rapunzel said...

Oops forgot to direct the Adam Garcia to comment to you Betty B!

David Macaulay said...

great - you have passed the Man U test too. Wee Scottish is cool, even tho that could have described my grannie, lol

Tuppence said...

Hey missus, glad to have you back! I'm laid out with a nasty flu bug and reading your post just cheered me up no end.

Can't wait to hear the boy news...


Taggart said...

Awww Rapunzel, I love you and your blog, promise me you'll keep writing, it's such a waste when you don't xx

Unknown said...

Awesome that you're back! And what a great post, too; I am chuffed to have been part, albeit a tiny part, of your 2010!

Oooh I really look forward to your girl meets boy story! :D x

Betty B said...

Ha we cannot compare JK to The Garcia but there’s nothing wrong with having an odd crush, James Corden is up there too!
Look forward to reading the boy news, might get some tips to up my dire love life and put my sex texting to the test!

Rapunzel said...

Glad I passed the tests David! though I'm sure people will wonder where you get anything to do with Man U and my Scottishness from this post!

Lovely to hear from you Tuppence! Could say the same about wanting to hear your boy stories. When you are better of course!

Awww Taggart! What a lovely thing to say (even though you may be slightly biased!)

Thanks Gingerella! We really should make a point of doing it again in 2011!

At least no-one can accusing you of having a type Betty B!

Rapunzel xxx

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