Thursday 20 January 2011

22 Tales of a Real Life Romance - Chapter 5

Date day dawned and I don't mind admitting to you that I was really excited.

I love that feeling when you don't know what is going to happen. Yes, it could just end up being a crap date (of which I've had a few and have written about on here. The soiree at the Trafford Centre being a prime example...) but it could also be amazing and potentially life-changing. Deep, I know, but if he was 'the one' it would alter things. I just think it's a shame that you can't bottle the feelings you have at the beginning, and can get them out at a later stage in your relationship, when the things you used to find endearing about your partner now get on your tits.

Hands and I still hadn't actually spoken. I'd stuck to my guns and hadn't called him back. Ok, ok, I'd actually stuck to the Goddess's guns and not called him back. It seemed to work quite well though, so does it matter whose guns they were?

He'd sent a text a few hours after he'd first called me, to say that he couldn't speak now as he was going round to his friend's house (are you sure Hands? You're off to see a mate at half 10 on a school night? I doubt it...) but if I was still ok for going out the following day, he'd come to me for about 8, but would call me first to properly arrange it.

As you know, I'm not one for analysing, but, if you forced me to, I'd say that Hands had expected me to call him back and it had confused him that I hadn't. But then what do I know? This is men we are talking about. Even the males that comment on my blog can't seem to agree on the typical behaviour of the species.

Anyway I digress. It was the evening we were going out, and I got out of the shower to find a missed call from Hands. This time there was a voicemail saying that he was uncertain what to do as he hadn't spoken to me. Were we still meeting? And if so where?

I decided that even The Rules would allow me to return this call. I rang back. After a bit of chit-chat he told me that he'd be driving and asked whether he should pick me up, or should he meet me somewhere.

'Well where is it that we are going?' I asked.

'Dunno. I hadn't thought about it. Where do you fancy going?'

Sharp intake of breath from me.

We ended the conversation agreeing that he'd meet me outside my building, and then we'd decide what to do. Was I happy that the wheels were finally in motion? Nope, I was actually gutted. I went to check with the Goddess that it was reasonable to feel like that though, and that I wasn't being high-maintenance.

'So let me get this right? Not only is he driving on your date...though I suppose we can allow that as he doesn't live in Manchester...but he hasn't even planned where you are going? That is terrible!' she said.

The Goddess had concurred. I was right to be upset. Hands had committed a big no-no. A no, no, no, no, no, in fact. If you ask a girl on a date, you should at least make sure there is a 'date' for her to go on. 'Date' is the operative word here. (Single men - Please try and learn from Hands's mistake and not make the same one!)

'You know I'm not sure I want to let you go and meet him now,' the Goddess continued. 'He clearly doesn't realise that you are a 'creature unlike any other' and that he's lucky to have an evening of your time. To be honest, he doesn't sound good enough for my girl.'

'I'm not sure I want to go,' I agreed. 'I was really looking forward to it, but now I just feel disappointed.'

What I was quite enjoying, was the bonding that the Goddess and I were doing. We'd only lived together for a few weeks, but we were fast becoming like Cagney and Lacey. And Thelma and Louise. Or Ant and Dec.

What should I do? In the end we decided that as I didn't have to exactly go far (only down the lift in the first instance) that I should still go, but, importantly, under no circumstances, was I to enjoy myself.

We congratulated ourselves on this fool-proof plan.

A short while later as I left the Tower, my concierges asked where I was going. Now I must stress that it is not a rule of residing in the building that you must check with the concierges whether you are allowed to leave it, and what time your curfew is. Nor do you need to give a password. There are no 'Open Sesame!' moments.

No, I'm just very chatty with them and they pretty much know everything that is happening in my life. Perhaps a bit too much. Like they could probably even tell you when I've got my period by the times I'm stroppier than others. (That's actually not true. I'm a ray of sunshine all the time. They'd never work it out.)

Anyway, I replied that I was going on a date (my tone of voice suggesting that I was actually going for a bikini wax) and that I'd tell them about it later.

I got to the door and there was Hands waiting for me. 'Hey you,' he said smiling with his perfect white teeth and kissed me on the cheek.

Damn. He was looking fine. This was going to be harder than I thought...


And if you want to know how it went, check back here tomorrow where I'll reveal all...

And are welcome for the advice in this post. Don't mention it.


Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Nice post, Rapunzel. I have a feeling this is going to go well. Not sure why. Did you notice him checking if your ears were clean when he went in for the kiss cheek? That's what I do.
Check out my dating disasters:
*Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

Alyson said...

I have to agree with you both. The "I haven't planned where we are going" thing...drives me CRAZY. "Whatever you want to do." No. No no no no.

Rapunzel said...

I love how female Otherwordlyone reads the post and agrees with me (girl power!) yet male Fishy reads it and thinks it all seems fine and is going to go well!!

Thanks for reading as ever x

nuttycow said...

I'm with the ladies on this one, he should have at least made some effort at figuring out where to go. Like "I thought we'd go to XYZ, but if you don't fancy that we could go to ABC" - then at least you'd know he'd thought about it and was also considerate enough to give you a choice.

But hey, if he's hot...

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

This non-planning doesn't bode well. Maybe he's been able to glide by on his good looks so far. Maybe he can make up for it later on? I giuess I will have to stick around! (obv. not a hardship mind ;))

Betty B said...

I would be more unhappy about the whole driving aspect, you need to have a few bevies on a first date surely? (does this make me sound bad)
Always nice to have a guy that leads the way so to speak, hope he wins you back during the date.

Unknown said...

remind me never to switch on my strop radar

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I would die if someone hadn't decided what we are doing for a date. Not even necessarily because I think that the guy *should* make that decision but because I am the WORST at decided where/what to do. It stresses me out! And I'm pretty much happy doing anything so I'd rather someone just make the call for me.

I hope it went well!!

Lexicorro said...

so you hate no planning but you went anyway...this allows for the possibility that it was good date despite lack of planning ~ which would totally invalidate your advice!

Glen said...

We men are simply complicated. so simple it just doesn't make sense and becomes complex.

I learned the hard way in my youth about not planning dates. You women hate it.

Mind they weren't that pleased when I manfully and confidently took them to the cinema to see Star Trek either - you just can't win with women.

I guess the problem with 'hot' men is they get used to not having to put too much effort in (not bitter - grr)

They say looks don't matter and that you can 'laugh' a girl into bed - well I've had evenings making girls laugh their tits off, only for them to then go home with my good looking mate who just sat and flexed his 'guns' all night. Hey ho

I can't tell if you are conning us into guessing wrong and it will turn out that you have now been married to this guy for ten wonderful years or something. However, to take your apparent hint, I'd say that as long as you talk about him all night you will do just fine.

whydidn'tshefancyme said...

I'm loving Glen's bitterness in the comment above but he is right that good looking men just don't think they have to put in any effort when it comes to impressing the ladies.

Looking forward to hearing tomorrow how it was another dating disaster, for humour purposes preferably like the Trafford Centre date.

upsidedowngirl said...

This is getting better than the Ross and Rachel break up episodes in Friends. Are they together, are they not...will she enjoy herself, will she not!! I cannot bloody wait Miss Rapunzel!! xx

jo said...

and suddenly i'm cracking my brains to see if my past dates have always planned where to go... i like to think i'm a relatively low maintainence, pretty flexible kinda girl so i don't necessarily see big no no nos if the guy hasn't planned it out yet.

btw i loved how you likened you and the goddess to ant and dec haha!

Brett Williams said...

After seeing that perfect white teeth when he opened the door and smiled, it made me so envious that I have to go see my dentists in huntersville nc and get the same.

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ayaza said...

I'm with the ladies on this one, he should have at least made some effort at figuring out where to go. Like "I thought we'd go to XYZ, but if you don't fancy that we could go to ABC" - then at least you'd know he'd thought about it and was also considerate enough to give you a choice.
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