Wednesday 26 January 2011

37 Tales of a Real Life Romance - Chapter 7

Things weren't going well...

Firstly, I'd taken my shoes to the cobblers to see if they could be fixed.

They couldn't. The guy serving me even remarked that they must have had a lot of weight on them for the heel to have broken so badly.

While I stood looking like a shame-faced fairy elephant, Taggart told him that just half an hour before I'd managed to get myself into a teeny weeny size 8 dress so couldn't be that heavy.

It wasn't her best argument. Particularly as we'd both just been falling about the changing-rooms laughing at the fact I'd got in to the minute frock. We'd even said it must have the wrong label on it because I haven't been a size 8 since I was aged about 8. I appreciated her trying to stick up for me though.

Secondly, I hadn't heard anything from Hands.

Yes, there had been that text thanking me for a nice evening, to which I'd sent a similar reply, but nothing since. It was now three days later and his last text to me was starting to look more and more like a goodbye message.

Just in case it wasn't though (he didn't exactly have the best reputation for being a prompt texter), I spoke to the Goddess about making my next move.

'Well The Rules would say do nothing and to wait for him to get in touch.'

'Yeah I know that, but what would they say about the fact that I'm about to go and work abroad for a few weeks, and if we don't go out now it's unlikely that we'll go out again?'

I felt that as we'd only had one date, it was unlikely that we'd keep in touch with each other while I was away, and even more unlikely we'd arrange a second date when I got back, so many weeks after the first.

The Goddess agreed that in this situation it was acceptable to modify The Rules. She gave me permission to text Hands but insisted that I wasn't to ask him any questions, so at least if he replied we knew that it was because he wanted to and he wasn't just being polite.

I thought that was a good plan and sent him a message telling him what a fabulous weekend I'd had. I realised that I was running the risk of him thinking I was bad-mannered for not asking about his last few days, and that I believed everything was all about ME! ME! ME!, but it had to be done.

Seems he thought nothing of the sort because seven minutes later I received a reply. Yes, a mere seven minutes later! And it said...

Glad you had a good time! Do you fancy meeting up for Round 2 or was once enough? x

My, how things had changed! Not only had he replied quickly but he'd got straight to the point! It was like a little dating miracle. And one point for me, in the 'Rapunzel against The Rules' fight.

I replied that would be lovely and asked when he was thinking. I explained that I had a lot to schedule in over the next few days, but that it would be good to see him before I went away to work.

He replied saying that he was flexible and could fit in with me.

I replied that at this stage I could do any day except for Wednesday.

Then there was silence.

Aaargh! Normally I could have held out, but I only had a seven day window to fit everything in before heading off to sunnier climes, so the following day after I'd still had no reply from him, I sent another text...

Tuesday, Thursday or Friday? Take your pick! x

He replied that we'd go for the 'Thursday or the Friday, probably the Friday' but that he'd let me know in 'bags of time'.

Now I'm interested to know how you would define 'bags of time'? Bearing in mind that this text was sent on the Monday lunchtime? Personally I'd say that hearing from him on the Tuesday would have been acceptable, but Hands and I clearly read different dictionaries as indicated by his text to me on the Wednesday night...

Hey lets go for tomorrow if that's ok? The boys night is looking like Friday now x

What?! Did I read that right?! After me stressing to him that I had loads to do and him saying he could be flexible, and then suddenly not being very flexible but promising that he'd tell me in 'bags of time', he thought it was ok to arrange the date the night before the date.

Not only that, but I was fitting around boy's night! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for boys' night and I actually don't think that a girl you have been on one date with should come first. But he certainly shouldn't have told me that I was being shunned for bloody boys' night!!!

The Goddess was just as aghast. 'I think you should tell him that it's time for him to put some of that hand modelling experience to good use, and to wave goodbye to Rapunzel!'

Oh how we laughed and we laughed, and then we went out for cocktails and forgot all about it.

Until another text came through a few hours later that is...

No comment from the social butterfly? I'll call you tomorrow daytime to make a plan if we are still on? Food or drinks or both? x

And what do you think I replied....?


nuttycow said...

I sincerely hope you replied "Yes, Mr Beautiful Hands. I am at your disposal".

Or something similar.

Anonymous said...

C'mooooon you couldn't possibly say no! I hope you cut him some slack, he IS a bloke, after all...

Betty B said...

Being a fairly spur of the moment type of person myself I think I am on the guys side, go with the flow and enjoy :) Bye Bye rules

lifebeginsat30ty said...

Well....I could see if he had already made tentative plans with the blokes before your texting. but yeah, the night before is a bit much in my book! And I'm going with you saying yes ;) Gotta get something out of all that angst!

Unknown said...

How about "let's treat a drink as round 2 and see if we're both up for round 3 after that".

That way you'd show that he'll have to try harder, and that you liked his boxing metaphor (flattery) and that you can give as good as you get (respect)

But then I'm a boy. What do I know?

jo said...

i'm starting to think that i'm waay low maintenance compared to the rules haha! i hope you said yes. i wouldn't have minded too much a one day notice and being shunned for boy's night. at least he asked.

btw awesome stick figure haha!

Kev D. said...

Weak. Seriously weak.

I would take Date Night over Boys Night 10 times out of 10.

Although I am also the guy who thinks that guys that want/have/talkabout a "MANCAVE" are as lame as a tennis ball to the nuts.

I say you leave him scratching his bags of time.

Aaron said...

I hope you said "yes" but made it clear that more effort from Hands was required!

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

You CLEARLY luuuurve him so there is no way you didn't go on the date. And enough of the cliffhangers! (Just kidding, I like them.)
Check out my dating disasters:
*Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

Glen said...

" lmao u r gr8 pmsl lol - ps im on da pill x"

The Goddess! said...

Purple fairy.... you're not just good..... you're damn good!!
I know the next chapter.... and yet you've managed to make me yearn for more.... i'm in suspence... even though i know what happened.... I was there for heavens sake!! Haha

Anonymous said...

Agree with the Goddess on this one.

And i think you've answered your own question.

Firstly, you "explained that I had a lot to schedule in over the next few days". Shrewdly, he said "he was flexible and could fit in with me". How sweet and caring. But then he does exactly what he wants, forgetting or ignoring what you've said. That might seem harsh, but essentially that's what he's done. And if you're into someone, you switch on to what they're saying to you.

Then he doesn't even hide that fact that he'd prefer to get shitfaced and lewd with the boys than go out with you. Agree that it's only the second date. But either it didn't occur to him that you might be somewhat put out by this, in which case "duh!?". Or he knew you would be and if you continued on, then he knows he's the one in control.

And finally, agree with Kev D and the MANCAVE reference. WTF. Cave: a dark, stinky, cold hole. How nice. Had he said MANHOLIDAYHOMEINTHESUN that would have been fine.

I think you deserve better.

Hopefully, you sent him a text at 3:00AM saying:

Sorry, can't make our date, i've had to come to New York at the last minute. Do you know a guy called (insert male models name here) by any chance? x


But you must remember, the last rule is always: Break the rules!?!

Dater at Large said...

This one's easy. Do you want to see him? Are you available? If so, you're going out.

As much as I hate this kind of planning, or non-planning, it's early. If you like him, go out with him.

You can always kick him to the curb later! said...

I think you kept your dignity and replied something to this effect: "Even with a microscope, I can't seem to find a spare minute in this little time-bag. But it's recyclable. Let me know if you'd like a suggestion on where to store it."
Oh, I hope I'm right.

RenRexx said...

Garh!! I would just beat his head with the cell phone. He's only holding out and playing around for other options. It's annoying. Can't guys just stick with one girl at a time?!

ladyofthemanor said...

Great blog. I have been readiung it from the start but only just become a 'follower'. Can't wait to see what happens next.

ladyofthemanor said...

Can I change.....'readiung' to READING......damn spell checker!!!!!

Jonathan Veal said...

Loving the blog still, can't help siding with Hands though, sorry. I envy his coolness and he seems so laid back he is horizontal. I would crave a girl to be blogging about how she is waiting for my text, but alas I am simply not as cool as the Hands.

Bamberio said...

Soooooo? Did you go out with him or not? It MUST be time for the next instalment, right?


PS: I bet you 10p you met up with him and had the best date of your life.

Rapunzel said...

As you now know after reading chapter 8 I did the exact opposite to what many of you suggested, but your comments didn't half make me laugh!

Starting with the first one from Nutty Cow and then I carried on laughing!

Must admit I was surprised at the suggestions from many of you, First Date Only, Betty B, Jo and Dater at Large! What do you mean say yes?! They have to learn!!! (Mind you its very easy for me to be confident after I replied as I did and then get the result that I did!!

Rapunzel said...

Glad that Life Begins, DJG and Aaron were leaning towards Team Rapunzel!

While Robyn and RenRexx were already there! Do American ladies put up with less nonsense do you think?

Loved, loved, loved your comment Kev D! Particularly your last line!

Am concerned about the fact that I understood yours Glen! I'm not at the fluent stage yet though fortunately!

Thank you for reading Goddess even though you've heard this story before! At least you are confirming that I'm telling the whole truth and nothing but!!!

Rapunzel said...

Is it wrong Fishy that I was extra pleased that I'd done the opposite to your prediction?!

Thank you for following Lady of the Manor and thanks for the compliments 20-somethinger!

You owe me 10p Bamberio!

And finally Anonymous. Who are you?! Loved your comment and appreciated you leaving one especially as being anonymous you don't get any glory. (In my mind you are male, look like a model and have said I can visit you in New York anytime I fancy!!)

Thanks all as ever! x

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