Thursday, 28 January 2010

58 D-Day

I've been on a few dates in my time. Probably more than the average person. Yet after you read about my date with fellow blogger Fishy, you could well wonder whether I've ever been on any.

It all started fine, albeit early. Alarm went off at 7am. Pressed 'Snooze' while cursing my bright idea of going to Belfast. Who has to get up at Ridiculous O'Clock to go on a first date?

Once I'm in the shower though, I feel excited. Like I'm going on holiday or something. I suppose I am. Sort of. Just a weird sort of holiday that only lasts a day. And I'm going with a stranger. But still.

Get dressed in pre-arranged outfit. Give myself an imaginary 'high five' for choosing a day-date. No need to worry about whether to wear heels and run the risk of looking over-dressed. Casual all the way. I've opted for jeans and boots and a grey jumper (it's off the shoulder though in case I want to look a bit sultry.)

Dither over jewellery. I like weird stuff. Should I tone it down? Decide to be the real me. Wear my current favourite earrings - a miniature knife and fork. My friend's 3 year old daughter Summer told me they were horrible and asked why I'd want to wear a knife and fork in my head. I'm sure Fishy will like them though. Particularly if I tell him I made them myself for little over a £1.

Do my face and hair. Decide that my eyebrowist has got a bit over-excited in my last threading session. She's made me look a bit surprised. Put on my make-up. Subtly. Wish I could say the same about my hair. Feel that I've got a bit carried away with products.

Get my stuff together. Purse...check! Passport...check! (Decide I looooove saying 'Passport - check!' Particularly when going on a date.) New tube of Lucky Lipgloss - Check!

Oh yes, my Lucky Lipgloss. Fishy can keep all his elaborate techniques to get a snog. I have a secret weapon. Not only does this lipgloss plump up your lips and smell lush, it also never fails to get me a kiss. Never fails. Never.

Am just congratulating myself on my light 'packing' then something weird happens and I seem to think I'm actually going to the Antarctic on a date. I put in a scarf, a hat, gloves and a cardigan. My bag suddenly looks huuuuge. Worry that Fishy's going to think I'm hoping to move in with him.

Make my way to the bus station. Am really, really nervous. What is wrong with me? Might be all the texts from friends wishing me luck. Never before has a love story generated so much interest. Feel like 'Brangelina'. Decide I'll reply to them all when Fishy goes on one of his long toilet breaks.

Have been a bit over-eager and arrive at the station early. Have a mooch around the shop. Flick through magazines. Am paying for some sweets when a man comes into the shop singing 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'.

The shop assistant isn't amused. Tells me she wish he would 'Piss off.' She needs to take a leaf out of my 'Good Mood Book.'

As I leave the man starts talking to a packet of Jacobs. Tells them that he is the same as them, crackers.

Have a sweet. For reasons unbeknown to myself, I've bought Werther's Originals. It's 8:30 am for God's sake! There should really be a law against that. If only to stop people like me committing a dating faux pas - they really stick to your teeth.

I struggle to prise open my mouth when my friend calls to ask how I am. Tell her I'm nervous. She says nervous is good. I believe her, even though I don't really know what she means.

Bus to Liverpool arrives. I struggle to find my purse amidst all the guff in my bag. Bus driver tells me I'm like a typical woman with my big handbag. Curse myself for being a cliche.

Get to the airport and head straight to the ladies to sort myself out. Give myself a pep talk. Not out loud. Don't want to be like Mr Jacob's Crackers. Apply my Lucky Lipgloss and I'm good to go.

Wait at the pre-arranged spot and I realise my nerves have gone. I'm just feeling excited. Maybe cause I'm in an airport. I like airports a lot.

Then finally...after all the days of phoning, texting and blogging, Fishy appears in front of me.

Finally we meet.

Finally he's here and uttering the words every girl wants to hear...

'I'm not going to kiss you by the way.'

Eh? But what about my 'Never Fail Lucky Lipgloss'? Am I hearing right?

It's clearly faulty. I decide never to buy from eBay again.


Anonymous said...

"Get to the airport and head straight to the ladies to sort myself out."

Hehe, that sounds like something straight from Fishy's blog! ;-)

Keren David said...

You can't leave it there! Talk about a cliffhanger...

Aion said...

C'mon! &*#$ you reeeally gonna leave us hanging like that?!
's ok Grrrrr lol


Unknown said...

Well, just bc he said he wasn't going to kiss you, I'm thinking the opposite happened :p

I agree with above: tease! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOL, laughing fit to bust and you leave it there..... OMG talk about cruel.

Why am I humming... If you want it here it is, come and get it because it's going fast.....?



Kate said...

Argh! I hope you're going to post again tomorrow as I can't bear the suspense!

Kate x

Tuppence said...

C'mon Rapunzel, we need to know what happened next! Give us a clue at least...


Kelly said...

Are you still on the date? Is that why we haven't heard the rest of it??

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Aw, you look so cute in that picture :) :) :)
I'm sure the date was a huge success.

Kitty Moore said...

That's naughty - how long are you going to keep us hanging?!!!

Kitty x

theblueeyedboy said...

I'm sure you'll get that kiss out of him by the end of the date. I hope you both had a good time!

Wynn said...

Hahahah, oh he probably so wanted to kiss you but after your blog post he's playing hard to get :D

All Women Stalker said...


(Please blog again real soon).

Bird on a Wire said...

Oh my god!! I don't think I'll sleep tonight, the curiosity is killing me!!

Bird x

*Juliette* said...

Am I the only one who thought the guy singing "Old MacDonald" would turn out to be Fishy? That would have been such a great strat to the date.

jo said...

hmm but did you get that kiss in the end? now i wanna know what that lucky lipgloss is.

Princess T said...

Aahhh tell me more!

I bet you he does kiss you - men are easy like that :-)

Dating Diva said...

I went to Fishy's blog first hoping to hear the tale but nothing...come here and it's a cliffhanger! You both are killing me. I need to know that he just got down on one knee on the spot and asked to marry you already! lol. said...

That's a lousy greeting on his part. WTF?!
Go Team Rapunzel.

Anonymous said...

Right I think you´re both waiting to outblog each other hoping the other one will post first. You should both post at exactly the same time, its fairer that way. Call/text him and agree a posting time - cmon we can´t wait forever...!

Bamberio said...

Brilliant, and I've just read Fishy's brilliant post about your date too. It's all sounding very promising I have to say! It can't all go wrong now. Can it?


Anonymous said...

Nice cliffhanger.

Phone Sex said...

Brilliantly written. I feel like I'm reading the beginning of a beautiful story. Keep us posted! :)

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Kate x |

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